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An Interview with the Headmistress

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The headmistress of the school is retiring at the end of the month. As a editor of the school magazine, you interviewed her for an article in the magazine. Emily: Good morning, Madam Lee. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview you. Me: It is my pleasure. Emily: Madam Lee, I heard that you have been a headmistress for long times ago. Can you tell me how long have you been here and what did you do before you came here? Me: Well, I am the headmistress here for almost 15 years. Before that, I was a teacher in Sabah.

After I was transfer here, I start to worked as a teacher for almost 8 years. Besides, I love teaching students and this is the main reason why I am still teaching even though I am the headmistress now. Emily: Honestly madam Lee, we really appreciate for everything that you have done. Me: Thank you, Emily. Emily: Madam Lee, how has the school changed within the 15 years? Me: It has changed tremendously! When I first came, this school was still a small school. We only had 250 students, but now we have almost 1600 students.

In those days, we had just two school blocks, now we have six school blocks, an air-conditioned library and a very modern canteen. I was very proud of this school! Emily: Why did you still love teaching although you are the headmistress now? Me: I love teaching since I was a kid, I had an ambition that I would like to be a great teacher that would have the ability to teach students to become successful people in the future. Emily: That was a great ambition that you have, Madam Lee.

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Can you tell us what are the interesting things that happen to you in the school before? Me: I remembered most is when my students plan a birthday surprise for me on my birthday few years ago. They even bought a really special gift for me. Emily: Madam Lee,what do you like most about this school? Me: The thing that I like most about this school is the view of scenery of the school from the principal’s office. Emily: Will you still contribute to your school if the school still needs your help in the future? Me: Of course I will!

This school means a lot to me. Emily: Do you have some words to say to your beloved students before your retirement? Me: Yes, I would like to say that you all must study hard to follow your dreams and never give up until you achieve your dreams. Besides, always treasure your precious time to do benefit things. The most important is study hard, play less. Emily: Thank you for the wonderful advice, Madam Lee. Do you have anything that you want to do before your retirement? Me: I would like to thank the teachers so much of the contribution for the school.

They really work together with me to make this school a better environment for the students to study. I really appreciate their hard work. Emily: Are you feeling sad of your retirement? Me: At first, yes but now I am really happy that I can finally retire. Emily: Madam Lee, what are your plans after retirement? Me: Perhaps I shall travel to countries for holiday. After that, I probably become a housewife and spending my time to do things that I loved. Emily: That is all I wanted to ask. Madam Lee, Thank you very much for this interview. I wish you all the best. Me: Thank you.

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