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Agility Logistics

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In the business-economic system, logistics is one of the vital components that fuel success of companies. Every company has a special budget for logistics. Logistics is the aspect that manages the company’s flow of resources and information in order to conform to the consumers’ necessities -- from inventory to packaging.

Mainly, it is about the movement of funds and resources from one business to another until it reaches the customers. In the recent years, logistics has become a vital part of the production cost with its number ranging from 5% to 10%.

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Moreover, logistics isn’t just vital to businesses but to the government as well. According to research, logistics is even said to have originated from the military’s need to supply themselves with ammunition and arms. Military logistics, also known as combat service support, carry out the planning, development and maintenance of all military operations. It deals mainly on forecasting the supplies and services needed.

Military officials based their assessment and analysis on logistics. It helps greatly in the improvement of facilities and training. Because of the developments in military logistics, the government was able to develop strategies in national defense and security handling.

To meet every company’s needs, the concept of third party logistics was formulated. A third part logistics provides outsourced logistics services to companies, thus making company’s obligations and responsibilities easier. Some companies hire a third part logistics instead of spending money in the creation of their logistics department.

Currently, there are thousands of companies all over the world that specialize in the field of logistics, providing third part logistics for other companies. Among the top ten companies making names in third part logistics is Agility.

Agility Overview

Agility is a company known world wide in the field of logistics, more specifically in third part logistics. It has more than 32,000 employees, and over 550 offices around the globe. Agility classified their services into three business groups: Global Integrated Logistics (GIL), Defense and Government Services (DGS) and Investments. The business groups are described in their official website as follows:

The Global Integrated Logistics (GIL) business group offers an integrated portfolio of logistics solutions supported by a comprehensive network of warehousing facilities, transportation and freight management services worldwide.

Defense and Government Services (DGS), our government contracting group, leverages our global logistics network and our track record of exceptional service to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to the defense and government sector.

Agility’s Investments business groups covers three lines of businesses – Real Estate, Private Equity and Trade Facilitation, and our expertise in emerging markets to develop superior investment opportunities.

Agility’s customers range from businesses related to technology, various retail products to oil related industries. According to the president and CEO of Agility, Essa Al Saleh, “Agility offers customer-driven solutions dedicated to meeting our customer’s supply chain needs.” Each of Agility’s business group team is dedicated to meet each personalized customer needs in the complex economic system.

One Company, Three Business Groups

One notable strategy of Agility is the division of their company into three business groups: Global Integrated Logistics, Defense and Government Services and Investments. Each client has unique needs. Generally, needs are discussed in a very general and rather vague manner.

With Agility’s three business groups, needs are narrowed until identified and classified among the groups. Each of the three business groups has specific functions and solutions particularly designed to answer the requirements of the clients.

The economic system is very complex. In addition, the government also has needs that should be attended professionally. In the quest to becoming the leader in logistics, Agility made a strategy that will make them the first option of any company, business or government from all over the world when it comes to logistics needs.

The services that logistics companies offer have a very wide range. By classifying the services into three specific areas, the clients readily see what Agility has to offer.

One of Agility’s main shout out is serving its clients’ personalized needs. The three business groups serve this motto. Because of this strategy, whenever a client has logistics needs or whenever a client is looking for a logistics company to be outsourced, Agility will always be an option. For example, when a government agency, military for example,

Global Integrated Logistics

Supply Chain Solutions

Agility has several services under its Supply Chain Solutions: Warehousing and Distribution, Facilities Management, Just-in Time, Vendor Managed Inventory, Employee Relocation, Contract Logistics Management, Origin Cargo Management, Direct to Store and Reverse Logistics.

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