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Affecting Change

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Change is inevitable in any organization.  There are different situations which can force an organization to change its internal organization in order to match to the changes.

Change is important since it assists an organization to carry on despite the changing business environment. However, it is not that easy to carry out a change in a business organization especially when this changes touches on organizational employees.

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There are different hurdles to change but they can be overcome through proper management of organization resources and use of appropriate change management process.

Most important, it is imperative that an organization put in place strategies to empower employees, use the appropriate management practices and initiate change in organization culture if the overall change is to succeed. Let us look at how these three factors can be used to ensure successful change implementation.

Organization management practices in the 21st century assert that organizational employees are the most important asset that determines the success or failure of the organization. A well motivated and qualified workforces from a competitive advantage for an organization which is very difficult for other organizations in the same field to replicated. It is important that employees feel as a part of the organization to function effectively.

This means that if an organization wants to have a change in its operation, it must get its employees involved so that they can feel as a part of the changes. Employee resistance can affect change implementation in various ways and may finally lead to drift of change strategy (Scott et al., 2003).

There are different ways to empower employees so that they can feel as a part of the change process. It is important to give them power to say yes or no at their free will and under no influence.  In order to involve employees directly, it is important o eliminated barriers, restrictions and protocols they have to go through before making their contribution.

Employees should also be involved in the decision making process and their input should be valued. It is also important to encourage reward improvements noted on employees and finally, they should be given equal and direct access to information.

Management practices can also be great impediments to organization change.  This means that good management practices are imperative for successful change in an organization (Scott et al., 2003). Good management practices include those practices that will identify a problem, evaluate it and finally implement it to give positive results to the organization.

Good management practices mainly involve what is to be done and how it will be done to ensure success. During organization change process, good management practices involve practices which will identify barriers to the change, draw strategies to overcome these barriers and successfully implement these strategies. Good management practices should get employees more involved in management practices and change process.

Organizational culture is the greatest impediment to change process in an organization. Organization culture describes those practices which have been practiced in an organization for a longer period of time and proved effective in running the organization. Organization culture describes the daily practices in the organization.  Changing organization culture is difficult that implementing a change in other area in the organization (Scott et al., 2003).

Changing organizational culture in order to accommodate organizational change can be a long process that is quite involving. Change in organization culture must allow for continuity and modify the socializing tactics that have allowed the culture to propel. Resistance to change in culture must be addressed in the most appropriate way.


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