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Advertisement Commentary

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In the advertisement many techniques have been used to grab the audiences attention, inform them of the product, appeal to the their feelings or persuade them to buy the product. In my commentary I will try to comment on why have used techniques, how have I used them and to what effect I have used them. The intended audience would be a 13-20 year old male as this group would be most interested in, and likely to buy a computer console game.

Usually these grouped ages have computer consoles and a male audience would be more inclined to buy games for amusement or as a hobby than a female. We can see the features used to appeal to the intended audience by the type of language in the text. "great, new," we can see here that informal language has been used to appeal to the grouped ages. The intended audiences would tend to be more immature would distinguish with this language more easily. "blow you away" ,"speedy classic cars", "whatever the hell you want".

These types of sentence with simpler language and sharp quick meanings would be understood more and would relate to the audiences more easily. It is a type of speech, which the intended audiences would recognize more and have a more everyday use with rather than complex irrelevant statements. The consequence of this language is that what the text is saying becomes more believable to the intended audiences. So if the audiences believe the text more then they will agree with what it is saying more and may be more likely to buy the product -what the advert is trying to cause.

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The text in the advert gives ideas of good points about the game, which the audiences might find interesting and exciting. "fly in a chopper" this point tells a more rewarding part of the game which audiences might find more intriguing. As the language gives examples of more entertaining things about the game the audiences we be more likely to believe that the game would be beneficial to buy. Also in the text there are small direct references to the audience, the reader. "If you're a fan", 'whatever the hell you want", "blow you away".

These are some examples in the text where direct references are made to the audiences. The effect of this language causes the reader of the advert to be drawn into the equation making them fell that they are being told to do something. The language has a certain extent of authority, which will make the text seem more credible to the reader. This would cause the audiences to find the text more trustworthy and they will be more probable to buy the game. Two quotations have been used in the text from magazines that have reviewed the game.

These quotes tend to back up and points given in other texts, giving believable evidences to the audiences. "You won't see another game like it for a long time". In this quote a reason, explanation is given to back up the earlier points in the text such as; "not to be missed". Giving further evidence, such as this anecdotal evidence, for points in the text causes the text to be more trustworthy to the audiences. This will cause the rest of the text to be more believable and effective to audiences.

In the next quote "amazing, massive, unmissable" again further anecdotal evidence is given but also emotive, memorable techniques are used. The quote uses 3's, that causes the effects of the words to have greater impact on the reader, making them seem more credible. Also the words are more memorable with quick sharp meanings so they will stick in the readers mind. The types of anecdotal evidence back up the points given in other texts with a more emotive effect on readers.

The audience also will be more likely to find the other text purpose believable- like buying the product. Another point about the quotes is that the language in the text is an example of the language that the intended audience would relate to more and find more familiar 'amazing,". The ways in which language is used causes a more emotive, more plausible, more appealing effect on the intended audiences which makes them more inclined to buy the product. So we can see the text gives examples of how the language relates to the intended audience and also the purpose of advert.

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