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Education has always been a great asset in my life. It happened to be the only heritage my parents were able to give me because of their income level, but I think that it was the best thing one can give a child.

Opening the gateway to the professional world, education I obtained equipped me with competitive skills and knowledge that paved the way for my career as funeral director. Today, I am once again seeking the help of education to spearhead my career and to accomplish a transition to the field of nursing that has been my long-standing dream.

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At this point, I have set for myself distinct goals: to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and later continue to a Master’s course, specializing in Anesthetics, Registered Nurse Practitioner or ER/trauma.

I am sure … school will be the right place to achieve my career goals, considering its outstanding reputation, rigorous academic standards, and Christian aspects of the program. Together with my extensive working background, I believe the school can open the doors to many fields in the healthcare industry, helping me make a serious contribution to the profession.

On my part, I am willing to bring my integrity, commitment, responsibility, and a hard-working spirit to the program. Given my personal maturity and a long successful career, I have arrived at the decision to switch to nursing as a result of lengthy deliberation that led me to the conviction that this is an excellent opportunity to enrich my professional life.

I realize that the program will pose a challenge to my stable life, but I also know that I am convinced that I need to accomplish the transition to nursing and willing to bear the burden. I believe that my determination is what will help me to succeed in the academic courses, and my working experience and excellent reputation will help me realize my professional aspirations later on.


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