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A Performance Management Overhaul for Wayne Farms

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Hotel in Colorado Springs is in demand for seasonal workers when summer arrives. Unfortunately, the demands vs. supply of available workers are slim to none. Students are looking for “internships or jobs related to their career plan. ” Since these companies are not able to fill all available seasonal positions with H-2B visa workers, what other opportunities are available?

Also included are a reflection of additional options, and other recruiting strategies available to these companies. It is unfortunate to see local students wanting to move away because they are not interested in the opportunities around them. If Broadmoor’s and High Sierra Pools are unable to fill all available positions with H-2b workers, they will need to fill those positions in a timely fashion. Both companies should begin with forecasting; which is “the attempts to determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources to predict the areas within the organization where there will be labor shortages or surpluses.

By forecasting as the first step the companies can figure out exactly how many positions need to be filled. Some potential options for these company’s would be outsourcing, allowing overtime, hiring temporary contracted employees, and also improving technological equipment to assist in some positions within the company. Many of the ideas listed above could assist both companies recover from the inability to hire H-2B workers.

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I personally would start by looking to outsource the company’s seasonal postions. Outsourcing is defined as “Contracting with another organization to perform a broad set of services” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009). By having a group of trained professional’s to come in and work as independent contractors (IC) hired on a seasonal contract this would save time and hassle as well as a lot of money. Because these IC’s do not have employee status they do not qualify for benefits such as insurance and 401K plans.

Another option would be to allow overtime to all employees who were interested in working or switch them from an hourly position to a salaried position so they could willingly earn more money by working more hours. The companies would not have to spend and waste money on training, interviewing, and more employees. High Sierra pools is in desperate need to hire a staff load of seasonal employees. They could push recruiting by possibly adding incentives such as an employee referral bonus. This way both parties aka employee/trainee would receive a bonus.

They could also incorporate there job listing to many major websites such as Monster, Craigslist, and Jobs. com. This would help them if they decided to bring on more employees. If High Sierra pools did not want to hire more people but needed to get work done they should allow employee to either A: switch to salary pay or B: allow overtime. This way they could utilize all employees available to the fullest. It is often hard to get accepted as an employer to gain access to H-2B workers. H-2B workers are only available until the cap of 66,000 is met each fiscal year according to the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, 2012).

Split in half for each half of the year, the hiring abilities is on a first come first serve basis. High Sierra Pools and Broadmoor’s have many different options available to find other ways to fill employee positions. Outsourcing would be one of the most convenient ways to take care of this because they would be doing the same thing if they hired foreign workers.


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