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Ore-Best Farms

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Our mission at Ore-Best Farms is to offer our customers a very nutritious, healthful, and tasteful rabbit meat, at an affordable price for everyone. Vision Our vision is to be the leader in the marketing of rabbit meat in the U. S. and Latin America, considerably improving the quality of life of our customers. Objectives The three main objectives of the company for the next five years are doubling the company's profitability, obtaining a market share between 10 and 15 percent of the U. S. market, and to expand the business to Latin America. Target Market According to Oni(2007), rabbit meat is high quality, high digestibility, with 21. % protein; 3 -5% fat, highly nutritious, and low cholesterol.

Therefore, the main target market would be children, sick people, elderly, and health-conscious consumers. According to a study by Lloyd-ones(2009), in the United States almost 700,000 people die from cardiovascular diseases every year, becoming the leading cause of death in U. S. In 2006, the study estimated that heart diseases would cost Americans more than 258,000 million dollars. The study also revealed that the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced making changes in habits, playing an important role the low consume of cholesterol.

All data presented shows that in the United States there is an urgent need to eat healthful and nutritious food, mainly low-cholesterol. Thus, the company will launch a marketing strategy to encourage the consumption of rabbit meat in the U. S. , which offers customers a combination hard to find, high protein, low in fat and cholesterol, as well as unbeatable prices. To implement the strategy the company will invest in educational commercials, using radio, internet, and television. The educational commercials will show a celebrity explaining the large nutritional value of rabbit meat, as well as its low price.

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This celebrity must be a person well known in the United States, and with an athletic body. The main objective of the campaign will raise awareness among consumers of the dangers of poor food, and show consumers that rabbit meat is an excellent alternative for healthy eating. Another market with great potential is hospitals. Rabbit meat would be a big business for hospitals, as it offers patients an excellent nutritive meat, saving hospitals a great deal of money. Finally, the company will take the appropriate steps to do business in Latin American countries, which would benefit from the quality and low prices of the rabbit meat.

Marketing Mix The company will use a new package design. The new design will have on the label a new slogan, “Rabbit meat improves your health and your palate. ” The packages will be transparent, with nutritional information labels. The package also will be designed with a green label, which will have recorded the following words on it: "Meat recommended by nutritionists and dietitians" The aim of this new design will be attract the largest number of customers interested in their health care and the health of their family.

Furthermore, the company will use a low-price strategy in order to get market share quickly. Once the company achieves a larger market, then the price would increase from 5 to 8%. On the other hand, the company will launch a major advertising campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of eating healthy. The company will supply meat to several supermarkets located in different parts of the country, such as Wal- Mart, Publix, and Sweetbay; thus, rabbit meat will be available to a larger number of people.

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