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Topic of Your Choice Essay

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English 090 Writing Fundamentals Assignment 3: Topic of Your Choice Essay Professor T. Finch Christopher Casselman 08-29-2011 There are many challenges to online study; however, time management, course load and prioritizing are the three main areas that should be focused on. First, determining how much time to spend on a subject is very troublesome. Depending on the subjects, some people like to spend extra time on certain things like math.

Finding the time to spend with the family is stressful as well. There will always be something to distract one from their work. Next, course load will determine a lot of things, such as how much time will be needed for each subject, when assignments are due and when to take tests or quizzes. All of the things aforementioned need to be completed in a certain order and in a timely manner. Following a strenuous schedule will keep one on track.

Finally, prioritizing will streamline things tremendously. Prioritize by determining how many assignments are due weekly for each subject, and if there are any tests. As well as, the difficulty of the subjects, and what impact they have on our daily life. In addition, many times we will overload ourselves and will need a momentary break. Though breaks should be short, but long enough so one can grasp the reigns tightly again and continue with what one is doing.

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Topic of Your Choice Essay

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Staying focused on the work at hand is hard to do when there are other obligations demanding attention as well. Doing the best in each subject, and staying diligent is the single most important thing. In closing, all of these things should be considered before starting an online course. Regret and failure will be less if one can get a good understanding of what is expected from them and focus on time management, course load and prioritization.

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