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The 1970s vs. 2000s

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Many studies have proven that people perceive the world with 80 milliseconds of delay, which means that we live 80 milliseconds behind reality; this is because there is some transfer time from our senses to our brain (Meyers 7). The distance between the generations have different historical experiences, reactions of later generations about democracy, economics, music, fashion, as the revolutions were taking in all aspects. The differences between generations have their own importance; however, we can compare and contrast them, between 1970s and 2000s in three aspects : music, trends and technology.

In the 1970s, people enjoyed music by radio, tapes, live concerts and brought vinyl records, whereas in the 2000s through software such as Spotify and Itunes are used, Youtube allows audiences to access a wide range of music from different genres and downloading music from online. On the other hand, in the1970s music was marketed by way of the artist gigs being advertised in newspapers, the band would play live on music programs and also touring was a primary means of promotion, while in the 2000s some artists give away free mix tapes, TV adverts and online web pages (Rodriguez 94).

As examples of artists belonging to the 1970s can appoint: Bee Gees, Elton John and ABBA; in contrast, in the 2000s can mention: Colplay, Beyonce and Britney Spears. In addition to the music, a difference that marked between these two decades have been the trends. Fashion in the clothing of 1970s, the ideal was not to show the female attributes or curves, but on the contrary seem delegated nymphs showing their side children as a game of seduction compared with 2000s it's put it that makes you feel comfortable, without giving much importance to the opinions of others or trends; so, casual clothes became fashion.

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On the other hand, the accessories in 1970s that stood out were sunglasses with very large lenses frames typically yellow, blue or purple, large earrings and showy necklaces compared to 2000s that it used handbags, shoes and watches of well known brands (Benaim 98). The symbol of the 1970s was flowers and prints; however, in 2000s was scarves and handkerchiefs. Thus, how trends marked difference between these two decades, the technology also made it. In the 1970s people used music players as cassette, tape recorder and record player; in contrast in 2000s people used walkman, discman and mp3 player.

The only brand of cell phone that was highlighted in the 1970s was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000 X; on the contrary, in 2000s there were some brands such as: Motorola with touch technology and sonic Ericson with the "Smartphone". Car types in 1970 was very limited with vehicles such as: Fiat Coupe 1500, Gordini and Peugeot 404 Gran Prix le mans, while in 2000s automotive technology was opening field in many countries with new deployments such as: Fiat Palio, Volkswagen Gol G3 and Citroen Xsara 1. I Sx Full (Hernandez 66). All in all, the differences between these two decades have been important to the advances of the present; music, trends and technology have been progressing and taking new directions, propose an active relationship between the subject that is the history, the past and the world in which we live. If the present has primacy over the past it is because only the present imposes and allows you to change the world.

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