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World War I and Group Member Names

Essay Topic: ,

Guidelines: Assign one group member to lead the group. The leader should divide their chapters and create deadlines prior to Novo. 26th.

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The leader should receive all outlines early and make the formatting cohesive and easy to read. Each group should turn in one full set of fact sheets and outlines In a folder. All group members’ names should be listed on first page. Pages should be numbered. Fact sheets should precede outlines.

Each chapter should be clearly labeled by number and title. Pages may run continuously in order to conserve paper and space. Remember to type all group member names on the cover and individual names on each section each member produced. Each group will produce typed: 1. Fact Sheets for each chapter Including, a. Summary of the chapter’s main argument. B. List of main people and their role/title. C. Key terms and debates. D. Questions posed or inspired by the chapter. 2. Content Outlines of their assigned chapters from Laborer Including, e.

Mall acts and events with dates. F. Relationship of events to causes of WWW as Identified by Laborer Characterization of varying national perspectives, alliance shifts, etc. Quotes. I. Analysis of Laborers choices/writing. H. Short key “The Long Fuse” OUR There Projects?All Scripts Due Tuesday, November 20th Guldens: 1. Scripted and researched performances to conceptualize history 2. 10-15 minutes 3. Rehearsed, but not memorized 4. Option to record in advanced; must be ready to perform live if technical difficulties arise 5. Utilize music, costume or set pieces .

Begin with England, France, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary as starting point; research may guide you too more narrowed script 7. Turn In typed script & typed MEAL bibliography of scholarly sources (One source per person in group an additional source; limit to one internet) 8. Include a cover page describing the role that each group member played in the production of the presentation. Group topics:Effects of HAWAII groups should examine changes In society due

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