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Working Conditions In The United States

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According to eHow Money, working conditions in many if not all places were extremely poor, most died from machinery or toxicity from work areas, especially as many worked long hours for poor pay. (EconLib, 2002) For most people, whether in the I-JK or the US, the working class were really Working class', even though Jobs were developing the intensity of the Job was not lessened, they were indeed laborious. As the years went on, leading from the early ages of industrial work, developing into the current year 2013 much has changed.

Till now legislations have been passed in order for all employees to have rights within the organisation that they work, Rights such as Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination, Race Relations, Gender Recognition amongst many since as early as the 1970's. (University of Bradford, 2010) Through such laws being passed, men and women are able to work side by side , earn fair pay and have the same standing as man within the working society, though even through these laws, discrimination of sexes is still large and racism is still a factor.

Individuals differ, and very much so, through ethnicity, physique, gender, family experiences, motivation, attitudes and personality. (Laurie J Mullins, 2010, Chapter 4) 'Sensitivity to individual needs and differences, especially in terms of their resilience, becomes particularly significant, when organisations embark on change initiatives. Such changes may lead to new mind sets, new attitudes and new perceptions that enable people to cope and adjust to the different world'. Laurie J Mullins, 2010, Chapter 4) People's perception of the working environment has changed so much that for an employer to create a scenario of discrimination is no longer a laughing matter, employers must approach every situation with such sensitivity, they have to consider how people react to situations and how they can deal with individuals as opportunities and as the company changes, especially when culture also happens to e a factor as mentioned by Schein, 'a pattern of basic assumptions-invented, discovered or developed by a given group as it learns to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration'. Laurie J Mullins, 2010, Chapter 6)

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In Hugh Collins book 'Employment Law, he states how the employment rights act has paved the way for so many other rights such as anti-discrimination, trade unions and human rights. Through this we can understand that it is due to such laws amongst many others that organisations are literally forced into including rights for people they would not have thought of, and the law that assembles all the issues together is the Equality Act f 2006, where it is stated that there must be equality and human rights, discrimination unlawful on grounds of religion, belief, education etc. nd to create public authorities to create equal opportunity between men and women. (University of Bradford, 2010) These laws have been passed continuously throughout the decades in order to allow the greater populace, ever growing in numbers and diversity to engage in work, so they are not heckled at as they choose to earn and make a living for themselves.

Each law holding a certain purpose has not only paved the way for diversity in race and eligion, but fundamentally in gender, which has been the concern even till now. How these acts are implemented in the working environment is the most interesting thing, from the advertising to the selection of a person. For example many years back a well renowned advert had been broadcast for some time, by Howard Brown, an employee of Halifax Banking, turned actor to promote his organisation.

He was promoted in order to promote. There are many examples like this which allow for diversities to be represented in a positive light, something that wasn't witnessed even a decade ago. Job descriptions have become broader, allowing anyone to apply, by the 1900-2005 racism was still rifled in parts of Europe, especially the I-JK and France, according to a BBC online survey made in 2002, 40% of black people say that they had witnessed racism in a place ot employment, double the tgure tor white people.

Looking at t you could it can be noted that even now this number though may have decreased it is still relevantly at an all-time high. Within the selection process, through the advance of educational equality, all generations of people are now educated, hence the growing number of unemployed, eople both educated high or at a lower level are struggling to secure Jobs, this nearly almost causes an issue in selecting Just the right person for the Job, one may have one good image but lack in other etc.

There is something called the 'Halo Effect', this is where if we see them first in a good side it becomes difficult to recognise the bad side in them, for example noticing a person's glowing eyes as being the factor for someone's employment rather than them having what it takes to hold the occupation. The Economist, 2009) In conclusion, looking through the laws that have been passed and the decisions aken to improve on how people are employed through fair recruitment and equality of opportunity is that it allows for greater sympathy to people who want to work, it has now developed into a liking to employ a diverse group, the public eye is ever present on what actions a company takes with its employees and how it runs itself.

Organisations do the best they can to apply fair rules and run the company through the passed laws as it shows they are willing to experience each member of its team and become more adaptive in how it deals with its staff. The better they do internally the better they are presented externally.

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