Women rights, education, economy, politics

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Fundamental aims of Islamic culture include welfare, happiness and progress of human society. Human being was created as the representative of Allah. Both man and woman are required to play an imperative role for the cause of serving humanity in a better way. No progress in the field of culture can be possible unless and until woman plays her divergent role in the society. Islam raised the status of woman to a great extent.

She has been given rights to property, rights to take part in economic activities, rights to choose life partner, rights to determine his financial requirements and to overcome these and an honorable social status which was not given by the prior and other contemporary cultures and societies. It is a matter of fact that woman occupied an important place during the Islamic Era and played an active role for the uplift of Society. In this article, I have tried to bring out the importance of the role of woman for the development of Islamic Culture and improvement of an Islamic Society.

Key words: Islamic culture; Purpose of creation; Status of women; Right and duties of women; Distinction of Islam Women in ancient civilization There had not been a single civilization in ancient world which did not inflict various forms of pains and cruelties to woman. Study of history reveals that that during different era, women had lost their recognition in their respective civilizations. * Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, NIJML, Islamabad, Pakistan Jih¤t al-lsl¤m Vol. 5 Oanuary-June 2012) No. 2 Not only had she lost her capabilities but also her freedom.

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Moreover, she had to lose her worth and status. She was maltreated in each society and every part of the world. As far as her moral and lawful rights concerned, she had fallen to the lowest level. In different nations of the world, she was living her life in miserable and terrible conditions. She was forced to marry and sometimes into adultery. Other became heirs of her wealth irrespective of the intensity of her financial needs. She secondary to her husband and father or any male member of her family. Her husband used to become the owner of her wealth even before her death and also became her master.

It all happened when the nature was changed. It all happened hen nations left the way of God and followed the path of Satan. However, a moderate way, which harmonized with nature, wisdom and human interest, existed there. And this way is Islam which is established by God himself. Women in Greek civilization: Despite the fact that Greek civilization was the most modern civilization among the ancient nations, the Greeks considered woman the essential inconveniences and fountain head of all problems. She was cut-off from society.

She had only one Job to do i. e. , to give birth to children. There were many women who were compelled to do adultery. Mothers were also forced to do adultery. Furthermore, sisters were forced to marry against their will. She was looked down up in the society; she was treated as a servant; she was maltreated. Their concept of woman was faulty (1) . Famous writer Demosthenes says, "Women were used to quench the thirst of sex and men had them as girl friends. They had wives to produce children and girl friend enjoy their physical contact with them".

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