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Wolf Creek Analysis

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Greg McLean and released in February 2014, is a film which everyone should see because of the clever way stereotypes are challenged, Australian values are shown, and cinematography shows the natural beauty of outback Australia. Wolf Creek 2" Is about a couple of foreign travelers backpacking around Australia who are disturbingly interrupted by an outback serial killer who then turns on a traveler attempting to save them. Behind the horror, Australian values are made clear, stereotypes of Australian culture are challenged and the natural beauty of Australia is shown to the audience. The Australian value of home being an open door and welcome to all Is shown In "Wolf Creek 2". This is evident when the injured and dehydrated victim, Paul, collapses on the doorstep of a secluded country house.

Upon waking up, he finds himself in a bed, with his clothes washed and folded neatly beside him. Confused and delusional, Paul is greeted by an old couple who then proceed to serve him a home cooked meal. "l made it special, for you" was a statement made by the elderly lady as she served Paul the food - even though he was a total stranger, This Is significant because she took him In like she would her own some This series of events encourages viewers to believe the fact that Australians believe a home is a place of welcoming and that anyone in need can feel comfortable. Wolf Creek 2" challenges the stereotypical belief that Australia is meant to be a friendly country which backpackers feel safe In. This film displays backpacking In two ways, contrasting the stereotype. For example, the couple Is shown enjoying their experience, being picked up by numerous people and engaging In friendly conversation with them. This is the stereotypical belief being displayed. Although, the people refuses an offer from serial killer Mica Taylor for a ride - which consequently results in them being victims of a vicious attack.

This scene portrays Australia to be an unsafe environment for backpackers - completely opposite to the foreigner's beliefs. The Inclusion of this Idea In the film forces viewers to question the conventional Idea behind the culture of backpacking In Australia. Phenomenal cinematography exhibits the stunning nature that is of outback Australia. Numerous wide shots were used of the mountains, grassed areas and wolf reek itself. This was done to show the viewer the full scale natural aspects of Australia.

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Birds-eye shots were taken of the long, endless, deserted highways to show the distance that the backpackers were traveling as well as the Isolation of the area. The grass - assisting in creating the Australian outback feel. The audience is challenged to consider whether the beautiful aspects of the Australian outback are masking the horrors happening in the very same place. "Wolf Creek 2" is a film which challenges the stereotypical Australian culture and aloes as well as displays the amazing nature of the Australian landscape.

It supports the value of a home with an open door - a value which many viewers can identify with. Backpacking stereotypes are challenged by the series of murders; contrasting with the belief Australia is a friendly place for this leisurely activity. Finally, cinematography captures the spectacular landscape of outback Australia. Following the Journey of the backpackers takes the viewers on a Journey of understanding, shock and realization - making this movie a significant Australian film.

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