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Who I Am as a Teenager

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Who am I? This uncertainty has to be one of the most common to go through a teenager’s brain. As a regular teenager, I make mistakes, laugh, cry, smile and love. Every experience in my life good or bad, happy or sad makes me stronger. Each step in my life and each passing moment make me grow into the person I want to be. To understand who I am, I have to talk about things that help to shape my identity like my past, the culture where I come from, the environment where I grow up and my family Our history influences our patriotism and our nationalistic tendencies.

As I have been growing up, I notice that my entire background have influenced in who I am. My history helps me to remember where my ancestors came from. By remembering that, I will understand my heritage, more about me, and how I should live my life the best I can. History is not only telling me about how my family’s ancestors lived their lives, but also show me my culture, my tradition, and the way that I think. The family history of everybody marks their past, their present, and their future, because the consequences of the actions remain in time.

Our culture influences, to an extent, everything in our lives, from how we are schooled, the morals we are taught and other influences on our lives such as sports we play, foods we eat, clothes we wear, music we listen to and how we feel. All these examples represent my culture. It makes me different and identifies me with my birthplace, and I feel important in this world because of these differences. I was born in a small city in Vietnam, and I did not have any brother or sister. As the only child in my family, I grew up in a very loving, caring and educating family environment.

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However, grew up in that type of sheltered environment prevented me from seeing the outside world. My only friends were my toys, so when I started pre-school, it was really different for me because there were a lot more kids than I was used to seeing. Since I did not know anyone, I didn’t talk very much. As I grew older and moved through school, I began to have more friends than I did back in pre-school. I was starting to talk more and be more active. I realized that the environment where I grew up had influenced who I am as a person.

All this parts of my background make the person that I am. Another aspect of who I am is the hobbies that I enjoy doing. I like to listen to any kind of music except rock and rap. I enjoy playing sports such as soccer, basketball and football with my friends. I also enjoy off-road adventures, and playing with my two three-year old nephews. Another one of my hobbies is reading books especially medical books because I want to be a doctor like my parents. My family is probably the largest reason that makes me who I am today because it decides my personality, bias and character flaws.

My dad and my mom are both dentists and although they are busy with their job, they always spend most of the time to take care of me. Being a working housewife, my mom tries very hard to be a good homemaker. She is an adventurous cook, and she is good. Unlike many of my dad’s contemporizes, he is a picture of health and vitality. I admire his dedication to his patients and work. Although my father is a strict disciplinarian, he can be jovial and caring at the same time. When I was sick, my parents would take off work and spend the whole day to pampering me back to health.

My dad used to tell me that “as a human being, everybody made mistakes. Some people would deny to facing it but the smart people would have the courtesy to learn from them and not made them twice. ” He also taught me how to be strong. He told me to except things as they happened and moved on. If I spent all day thinking about it, I could miss the things that made me happy. Not only did they teach me good moral values, but they also provided me with examples of good behavior and how to support my family. I was taught that my most important goal in life was to have a good education.

My parents used to say that someday they would not be with me anymore, and if I wanted to have an economic independence, I had to have a good education. Then I started to think about that, and I decided to study abroad in America. I knew more friends and got more independent. Through that experience, I had a chance to experience both traditional Vietnamese culture and innovation American culture. I learned how to use my Asian background as a beneficial tool and to see myself as a unique person rather than as a vagrant. I was able to know and learn about each person and their culture; my personality changed from introverted to sociable.

Henry Ford once said, “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this. ” Each one of us is unique in the way that we interpret the influences on us and decide whether or not to accept these outside interventions in our self-molding. My history, my culture and my family’s environment are the most important parts of my life. They are things that help to shape who I am. I love being me and the person that I am. I am not perfect, and don’t try to be. I go through life with an open mind and take things in as they happen. I am me and that all I can be.

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