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What is the Future of Internet Security?

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Those day when security was only IT issue has gone already – nowaday security is no longer just a security issue but a business one as well. Especially security is crucial to an on-demand business, those ones, which processes are integrated end to end across the company with customer data, as they should be able to securely, flexibly and fast respond to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. For such a business model that is dealing with big volumes of sensitive data, security represents an investment in business growth, not just a cost – as it can significantly strengthen key relations and boost profitability.

Cyber Security Solutions and Corporate Budget

Data protection is one of the major forces driving the cybersecurity market growth. According to Cybersecurity Market by Solution Report, market is growing rapidly because of the burning need for cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, especially among small and medium-sized businesses.

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At the same time, 62% of CIOs (Global Information Security survey) says budget constraints are their biggest challenge. Usually IT departments use several security solutions as it is hard to find one solution that can cover all needs as with the development of new technologies, the number of risks are growing every day. Wearables, mobiles and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices all fall short in the traditional approach of securing network by just a firewall. Moreover, cyber criminals use more and more sophisticated tools, for instance, new technologies such as artificial intelligence able to provide hackers with enhanced tools for more complex attacks.

With a newly invented communication protocol – the Secure Dynamic Network & Protocol or SDNP, all operations with data in the Internet is not a subject to traditional Internet security vulnerabilities anymore. SDNP, powered by HyperSphere platform, is able to make traffic simply “invisible” to hackers and third parties due to its encryption and mixing, rending a company’s data secure and immune from cyberattacks.

SDNP vs Typical Communications Protocols

Protocols are set of rules which manage every possible communication over a network, such as, for instance, Internet. Protocols define at what time a piece of particular information or request can be shared by computers. Unlike TCP/IP protocol that simply brings data that is encrypted in a standard way, from sender to receiver over Internet, SDNP employs a new way of transmitting data. SDNP’s set of rules provides several encryption levels: first of all, it encrypts the data using military-grade standards, then the protocol mixes the pieces of the data you send to someone so they are also transferred in a broken sequence and on a third level of encryption, the “junk” information is added to the content, which is being sent.

As soon as the information reach the recipient, the “junk” is eliminated, and information is restored to its original version. Simply, it makes hacking the data impossible for the villains as the logic of the data mixing or it sequence can not be understood and calculated. Since SDNP transmits fragmented data, even if an attacker is able to break into a fragment of information, without the other corresponding pieces, fragmented contents would be incomplete and utterly useless, making further attacks meaningless.

How all-in-one cybersecurity solution can support growth, change and profitability. As a core component of the HyperSphere’s blockchain-based platform, SDNP secures infrastructure, making the data inside the network resistant to cyber attacks, breaches and unauthorized access. It opens up new horizons for big data projects or companies launching financial services that have to deal with big volumes of data such as credit history, financial information, medical records etc. as well as secure the data.

Besides being all-in-one security and privacy solution, SDNP enables companies that uses HyperSphere platform to be compliant with legal regulations including GDPR (European Union’s ‘General Data Protection Regulation’), the United States Department Health and Human Service’s ‘Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’ of 1996 (HIPAA) and others.

The scope of security challenges continues to grow every day and businesses, dependable on data, should think how to spend less on managing security issues, reacting to threats or audit requests and instead, focus on implementing all-in-one integrated security solution to enable processes, technology and data work together to grow the company’s profitability. In HyperSphere cybersecurity is approached as a whole-business framework, so data security is covered on several levels: business context, policy and standards, security capabilities, and the environment.

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