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Unique Examples of National Pride

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Unique Examples of National Pride : In the first story I read “Cathleen Ni Houlihan” (which was actually an amazing story! ) I felt that before the OLD WOMAN came the family was kind of selfish and greedy (with the whole money thing) and when the OLD WOMAN came they changed and they became instantly unselfish and not greedy they wanted to help her out.

And later in the story the OLD WOMAN changed everyone’s prospective at life including Michael who is getting married to Delia and then he totally forgot that he was getting married to her just because the OLD WOMAN changed his way of looking at things including his marriage. And the OLD WOMAN told them how many people died just for her and to get her lands back(Irish). And she had much Pride into getting her lands back and fighting the Irish for taking it. The second story I read is “Address to General William Henry Harrison” The main guy in the story, Shawnee had very much respect for his country.

He said he would do anything for his country ! And he argued with his brother about being better then what he was acting selling the country and then Shawnee said “Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Did not the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children? ” The Red People wanted to take over they’re country and Shawnee’s brother seemed like he wanted to sell the country because he didn’t want to fight for his country. Then Shawnee brought up Jesus dying on The Cross for us.

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Then he told his brother “Everything I have told you is the truth. The Great Spirit has inspired me. ” How the two are the same or compared… They both had pride and sacrifice for the things they stood up for. They loved there country so much they would die for it. And in the two stories I found that they are very much alike because the. OLD WOMAN and Shawnee are a like they both fought for what the believed in and for there country. They both wanted freedom and they both inspired another person to fight in the war beside them.

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