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Transaction processing system

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Project Context

Transactions are the routine day-to-day activities performed by most organizations. Some are commercial transactions (buying, selling products and services, paying bills etc.) others involve recording or retrieving data. Most individual transactions are relatively simple, but in most organizations, there are very large numbers, so speed and efficiency are important considerations. Transactions are a fundamental unit of activity in organizations and are generally inseparable. They often involve multiple steps, but if any of the steps fail then the whole transaction cannot proceed. Analyzing transaction patterns and volumes of transaction data is an important middle management activity in any business process. Transaction processing is often the core of most major activities in organizations and the systems that collect this data often support other systems that might be decision support, management information or executive information. Transaction processing is supported by programs that are called transaction processing systems.

Transaction Processing System is an organized collection of people, procedures, databases, hardware and software to record completed business transactions. Most TPSs consist of all the components of a CBIS including databases, telecommunications, people, procedures, software and hardware. For most organizations, the TPS is the basis of the day-to-day activities that occur in the normal course of business, adding value to its products or services. The success of commercial enterprises depends on the reliable processing of transactions to ensure that customer orders are met on time, and that partners and suppliers are paid and can make payment.

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The eld of transaction processing, therefore, has become a vital part of effective business management. Transaction Processing Systems capture and process data describe business transactions.

Purpose and description

This capstone project aims to develop a Transaction Processing System for SORECO II CATV Castilla branch office. It will focus on creating a computerized Transaction Processing System that will lessen the manual transaction processing of the employees.

Problem Identification

The proposed study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the problems encountered by the SORECO II CATV - CASTILLA in terms of:

  • Record Management
  • Application
  • Payment

What computer based system should be developed to lessen the problem encountered?

What features can be offered by the proposed system to enhance their existing system in terms of:

  • Record Management
  • Application
  • Payment

Description of the Existing System

The SORECO II CATV CASTILLA is currently using a manual system in all of their transactions, with regards to payment, record management and application. The new applicants must ?ll up an application form and submit the necessary requirements to the assigned personnel, then he stores it in a file cabinet and the applicant must undergo on screening before the approval of connection. Regarding with the payment, a member pay their installation fee, 1 month deposit and monthly payments at SORECO CATV office. Every consumer has an individual journal where the employee lists all the payment transactions of the consumer then the employee stores it again on a file cabinet. The cashier also makes a daily collection report on the paid consumers. The records regarding with the payments and the applicants were all stored at a file cabinet. The manual system may cause misplacement or loss of record or files of the employees and applicants, which will be difficult for the personnel at times they will need it. The process used requires a lot of time when it comes on retrieving, recording, editing, and adding of records or data.

Description of the Proposed System

Manual transaction processing can take days to produce routine reports. Fortunately, the use of computerized TPS significantly reduces this response time. The ability to conduct business transactions in timely way can be very important for the profitable operation of organization. The proposed Transaction Processing System for SORECO II CATV CASTILLA aims to develop a computer system that will provide an effective way of file management, member application, consumers payment that will lessen the manual workload of the employees. The proposed system has a main page where the system user can sign in and access the system. It has a sign in page for the system administrator, and cashier. Each user can access their own page with the use of their own username and password. For the SORECO II CATV Administrators page, the administrator has a username and password to log in on his page. The admin manage and control the entire system, he has also the authority to add a new user that can access the system.

The admin will be the one to add, edit, update and secure the records of CATV consumers and the other user of the system. The filled up application for of the new consumer will be encoded by the admin and all the records will be saved at the systems database. The username and password for the cashier will be created and given by the admin. It also features the menu for viewing the cashiers updated record and in the cashiers page; the admin can view the payment transactions of the cashier, and the cashiers daily collection report. There is also a menu at the administrators page for the Disconnection Notice Report, which the system automatically generates the list and details of CATV consumers that will going to be disconnected according on their terms of payment. The admin also can print the list of consumer for disconnection report and the daily collection report of the cashier.

For the SORECO II CATV Cashiers page, the cashier can access his own page with the use of his own username and password given by the system administrator. The cashiers homepage display a menu for consumers payment, for the new applicants payment and monthly consumers payment. The new applicants payment page display the detailed items and the amount paid including the installation fee, 1 month deposit, excess drop wire, etc. paid by the new CATV consumers. While on the monthly payment is a ?xed amount of monthly payment of consumers which can search by consumers name, address, and account number and displays the payment detail and transaction of consumers. All payment transactions of the cashier will update and saves at the cashiers database in the system every time he accepts payments. The system also automatically generates a printable daily collection report of the cashiers daily transaction.


The study aims to:

  • To identify the problem encountered at SORECO II CATV - Castilla in their existing manual system in terms of:
  1. Record Management
  2. Application
  3. Payment
  • To develop a computerized Transaction Processing System for SORECO II CATV Castilla.
  • To improve features and enhance their existing system in terms of:
  1. Record Management
  2. Application
  3. Payment

Scope and Limitation

The proposed Transaction Processing System for SORECO II CATV Castilla aims to create a computerized system and a database to provide the following features: For the SORECO II CATV Castilla Administrator:

  1. Account Management (add or edit new user)
  2. Transaction Management; Consumers Record (view, edit)
  3. Cashiers Collection Report (view, print)
  4. Disconnection Notice Report (view, print).

For the SORECO II CATV Cashier, accepts payments (add and edit payment), the cashier also can print his/her daily collection report. The system has a database that update on every transactions of the user. The system administrator cannot edit or delete the transaction of the cashier that was saved at the database. As cashier also cannot delete or edit his payment transactions at the system. The admin is the one that can only access and view records at the systems database, he cant also delete, add, and edit payment transactions of the cashier. The system is limited only on payment transactions and record management of records of the customers; management of records of the SORECO II CATV employees will not be included at the system. The proposed study will be available only at SORECO II CATV Castilla branch office only.

Significance of the project

This study intends to develop a Transaction Processing System for SORECO II CATV CASTILLA and will benefit the following:

  • The Establishment: The establishment will bene?t greatly in this study in terms of application processes, record keeping, security and payment process.
  • Personnel: This study will create a system that will help the employees to work e?ciently and convenient.
  • Proponent: This study will help develop the skills and knowledge on developing a system and also gain self con?dence.
  • I.T. Students: This study will serve as a link to other researchers in developing a system which concerns of simplifying and automating an existing system.
  • Future Researchers: This study will provide additional reference on related studies and may serve as their guide in conducting new ideas and help develop their skills on making a computerized system.


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