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Time Management In Modern Life

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Time Management is a very important soft skill. There are very few people in the world that would say time isn’t valuable. Once that minute, hour, or second is gone you cannot get it back; that why you should value it and use it responsible especially if you have goals or thing that must be accomplish. Time management not only helps you accomplish thing effectively. Before I started IU University most of my time was dedicated to my job and my daughter. I worked 40-50 hours a week, my daughter and my motherly duties took up the rest. This week assignment has shined a light on some good resources and tips to help me with time management.

I have learned that I can’t do it all. Creating a to-do list putting the most important task or goal at top help getting things done in due time. Planning each day and scheduling your daily activities helps keep conflicts and the last second rush to get things done out your way. My biggest problem I have is; I always want to get thing done fast and perfect at the same time and most time when you do things that way is never get done the right way. I learned everything don’t have to be perfect. Trying to be perfect can slow down your productivity and put you in the position can stop you from completing important goals and tasks.

Trying to do thing speedy can make you over look very important things that can benefit you. Even though I want to get everything done quickly and perfect; the cons behind it would send me right back to the starting point so I will just take my time and focus on getting it done the right way. Organization is a major part of time management. If you time is scatter all over thing would never get done effectively. Part of be organized is to prioritize your task and goals. Define what task and goals are more important. It will help you know where most of you time need to go.

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It is proven fact that people who are disorganized are more confused and frantic. The more organized you are the more time you have and opportunity you have to spend just relaxing. This assignment has made me realize with the soft skill time management so much can get done. Time management is like a motivation to achieve your goals or task. Everyone can benefit from time management from single mothers to big business owner. If you use your time effectively and work on your top task and goals every day you will get there with massive success.


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