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Three Generation By Nick Quackin

Essay Topic:


Anastacia- the old lady who told the heantation to Agueda
Agueda- the young lady who bravely to see his husband to be on the midnight of May Day eve. Badoy- the man who fell in love with Agueda and eventually became his wife.


The story is about a girl who happened to believe that he could see his husband to be on a May Day eve. It was an old wives take but it ought to be true when he married the man he saw on the mirror. In one part, Joaquin intends to present the circumstances of Agueda describing her encounter with the devil in the mirror to her young daughter. The child is keen in fact sees a similarity of his father to the description of the devil by her mother.

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com/last-test/">The ambiguity of Agueda weeping towards the end renders innumerable possibilities. In yet another part Joaquin is more determined to show the circumstances of Don Badoy Montiya’s recollection of seeing a witch in the mirror. Teary eyed, he recalls to his grandson that he saw standing before the mirror the witch.

Some have been guilty of looking at the story as a simple tale for little children, but Joaquin aims at something grander and loftier. His attention to present a man and a woman holding on to love until the death of them is worthy of note. His intention to exhibit the hazy romance of the old world, the quiet consummation of their love, itself an elevated thought, is a result of his great imaginative power. THEME:

It was a love story that came in seemingly impossible superstitions.


The author is the one who narrated the story


May Day eve of 1847 when Agueda tried to take a peek of the one she would fated Mary. She walked down the living room and made the incantation when the young Badoy Montiya appeared before her. Agueda was really annoyed with Badoy and later on she had been offended and bit the knuckles of the young Badoy Montiya. Badoy wan to have revenge when he found himself falling in love with Agueda. Years have passed and they were already married and had a family. Agueda told her daughter what happened to that May Day Eve of 1847.Badoy reminisce on how he fell in love with Agueda on that evening, telling the story to his grandson. And the memories of him and her late wife keep coming back.


According to the story, one could see his or her husband or wife to be when they peer in a mirror at the midnight of May Day eve. The superstion was said to be done at May Day eve and the story emphasizes the title May day eve.

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