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Some movies have the power to captivate you as if you are experiencing the drama for yourself. A mixture of emotions flow into words and actions seen on screen that may motivate us in reflecting our own actions In life. The New Line Cinema Presentation of John Q. Directed by Nick Captivates has a powerful story line that has an array of emotions and conflicts that reflect society. Some of the characters In this movie convey many feelings yet the predominant one shown here Is greed and It Is seen in many forms.

This story is based upon a lower class man who was dedicated to his son who errantly is fighting a heart aliment. The situation took a turn for the worse when John and his wife could not supply the sufficient amount of money to fund the operation. Not helping the situation his insurance company changed their coverage policy without him knowing; he was no longer covered for health benefits. The insanity of losing his son drove John to take over the hospitals' emergency room demanding that his son be placed on the donor's list for the first available heart.

At the apex of the movie a donor came through with a heart for his little son Michael ND he was found guilty on the account of detailing hostages against their will. The movie conveyed many strong issues that face society today. The first of these is the lack of health care that should be provided for any person or persons in need of medical attention. The unfortunate incident of John's health insurance should be basis for the grounds of a lawsuit. Even though they promised reimbursement the funds were not the coverage he needed to make this operation possible.

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This element of the movie showed to me a sensate idea of turning your back on a man, owing back on your word, and then telling him he has a new insurance plan that he did not agree to and had no knowledge of Is yellow. I think that a person burdened with problems must get themselves out of their own problems before they make them somebody else's. The denial to perform this operation due to his lack of sufficient funds was a slap in the face. Society has laws that are voted on that deal with health insurance coverage. This movie showed the true color of what really happens when you aren't covered in society based upon greed.

The hospital took the liberty of making the choice for John by deciding to discharge Michael and have him return home; no questions asked. The lead surgeon of the hospital would not agree to commence the operation despite John's small amounts of money that he was bringing in. Later it was revealed that Michaels medical problem was overlooked for so long due to doctors keeping their mouths shut. The Insurance company would pay these doctors off as long as the insurance company would not take a hit In the coverage of a sick child under the erection of a doctor.

The doctors don't send them so the Insurance doesn't have to cover. The events that unfolded were the effects of greed In society. Conveyed greed. She stated that people without insurance sometimes get the raw end of the deal, she has to make these decisions all the time and sometimes people die. The woman's sole purpose was concerned with making money from the situation. She had no value of life and was willing to throw someone's away that she could have given hope back to. Through the movie they explain that they do undress of these operations a year and the question is how come you can't make one exception.

Despite her bitterness in the beginning she changed her outlook after hearing John converse with his son. She emotionally broke down to the point of where she put Michaels name on the donor's list. This changing of the tide gave me a sense that she is human. She faced a hard decision and ended up regretting denying Michael in the first place. The head of police chief conveyed another aspect of greed. He was driven by his new election year to make things right for the city. He didn't care for the situation so he made the call to have John Q fired upon after lying to him.

He didn't listen to the facts and was concerned with getting re elected next term so he didn't want this blemish on his record. The greed portrayed here is seen as Just another hostage situation and I being the head of police chief have to look good for next election despite the lives I take. This disgusting action is yet again the truth revealed in society. Being human all he was self absorbed in was the fact that he wanted to have this problem Just go away so he didn't look bad. The final emotion conveyed in this film was compassion shown by John Q in several situations.

He took desperate measures in order to preserve his sons life. He was caring to the hostages that he took in and related to each in some way knowing that everyone has problems and that he did not want to be the burden of them. Eventually, John came to the apex of the movie telling the surgeon to take his own heart out of his chest and give it to his dying son. That showed true character to me that he was willing to sacrifice his own life Just to save the one life that he brought into this world.

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