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Thought Provoker

Assignment 1. 2 Dialogue 1 — Thought-Provokers Survey Derrick Crank Jones International University Leading from a Global Perspective BC607 Dr. Michael Jazzar February 09 2013 Thought-Provokers Survey Part 2 Thought-Provoker # _15_ Gist: Some Christian just hypo-critics and don’t really follow what they learn and teach at their church.

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Your reaction (from above): _ I agree Explanation of your response: I think when you gather several people in a small area: gossips tend to spread, people become jealous, and competition tends to develop.

I have been in several churches around the country and all believe in the some beliefs. People tend to think with the God’s power they are right with their beliefs even though they go to church and pray for their sins. If we look at our history, most wars and deaths are due to the church and Christianity beliefs. They particularly destroyed the American Indian cultures and confine them to reservation and boarding schools in the late 1800s.

Christianity burned witch at Salem, MA, because several people were thought to be witches. Christians don’t follow what they teach but use parts of what they learned to better themselves for their own needs. Thought-Provoker # __19___ Gist: That are some many religions and cultures around world and there is really no right answer. Your reaction (from above): Who really says that? Explanation of your response: I have been all over the world and I have come to the conclusion that there s no right religion. I believe all religions are equal. Each religion is set at its highest because people believe in their religion due to their demographics, family values, and how they were taught at a young age. Christianity belief is just one of the many religions around the world and continues to spread as the other religions have. Thought-Provoker # __21___ Gist: _Homeless have a reasons why they have chosen to be homeless. Your reaction (from above): What? Really? Explanation of your response:

I have worked from several homeless shelters and my conclusion is that they are not lazy. They are the hardest workers I know but they have a mental illness that clouds their judgments. Most of the homeless have mental illnesses due to post trauma stress, depression, bipolar, and schizophrenic tendencies. Some are veterans from past wars to child abused victims when they were growing up. Some homeless are unable to hold jobs because these mentally illnesses. They are not lazy but they are determined to survive on what they have.

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