Theme of struggle

The Struggle Struggle is when you make forceful efforts to get free of a restraint. Usually something critical happens that causes you to struggle frequently. This critical thing can happen over time, or it can happen all of a sudden. Frequently struggling usually leads to depression, the same way that struggling can keep you depressed. Everything has to happen for a reason, and in this case struggling was the reasoning for depression. Since the beginning of his wanting to go to a very academic school, Craig studied crazily like.

He studied so much that one of the times he went to his room to study “[he] got comfortable with [his] room for the first time. ” Most depressed people like to stay in their room for a long time because they want to isolate themselves. Studying for three hours a day in his room, is one the things that allowed himself to isolate himself, even though it was not intentional. He, like many other depressed people felt safe somewhere, and for him, it was his room.

When you cannot do anything about your struggle you tend to panic and/or stress which can dead to long term physical and/or mental pain. Most people who throw up are sick, but there are certain people who vomit because they are stressed and Craig is one of them. Within months of his new school, which is one of the hardest high schools there are, he had stress vomited. Craig stress vomiting is very significant in It’s Kind of a Funny Story because it is when all his struggling begins. It usually shows that that person is not strong as to how they came off to be.

Towards the beginning of the kook, Craig had everything together, which is usually other people’s lives are as well, but as more goes on to their plate as they can chew, they vomit and it shows that they are struggling. This conveys that every person who has stress vomited because of all the things they had to handle, really believed they were that person, someone who could do everything with ease. Struggling sometimes makes you lose control, so it may seem like you are in control, but in reality you are Just pretending to be.

Since Craig has trouble digesting is food he has to tell himself he is “still in control of [his] mind and [he] has medication and [he] is going to make this happen” (37-38). If anyone is taking medication for something that they cannot control, like Craig eating abilities, it means that they are already no longer in control of their mind. Craig thinking that he is still in control conveys that he has found taking medication a normal thing, that it is no longer something that sets him apart from others.

When you think of someone who takes medication to help them with depression along with other things, you hint their name and you think depression and medication along with them. It has become one with them. Craig became depressed because he was continuously struggling with simple things and harsh things that were a struggle. It can be predicted that over time Craig will come out of his depression when he gets out of his comfort zone, when he actually does something about one of his struggles. He will learn how to do that with all struggles and that will slowly end his depression.

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