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The Youth Development Support Services Education Essay


This assignment focuses on the Community of Featherstone which lies near the town of Pontefract and is situated within the Wakefield District. As portion of the young person development support services I ‘m presently working on my secondary arrangement at Featherstone Community Centre which offers a young person nine service I besides do outreach work within Featherstone 1 hr per hebdomad. Whilst working in Featherstone I have been garnering difficult and soft information gained an apprehension of the history, population and environment that immature people live in, recognizing the demands of immature people and the community lived in.

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The information gathered will be used to invent a programme of work to run into a peculiar demand of its occupants. The assignment will besides be used to reflect on my arrangement and meeting my acquisition demands in my function in the community of Featherstone.


Featherstone chief history focuses around the industry of coal excavation which can be traced back to the thirteenth century ( wakefield.gov.uk. 2009 ) 9.A Featherstone Main and Ackton Hall collieries that one time provided the town with work and was one time influential on the lives of its occupants, closed following the mineworkers ‘ work stoppage of the 1984/85. ( wakefield.gov.uk. 2009 ) 8.A


The ( National Statistics 2006 ) 17 province there is a population of “ 14,179 ” of which there are “ 6,779 ” Males and 7,396, Females. 98.31 % of the cultural population is White British compared to 86.99 % uk ( National Statistics 2004 ) .16, 80.64 % of Peoples province their faith as Christian, 71.74 % England, under 1 % other faiths, over 6 % in uk 9.71 % No faith, 14.59 % in England ( National statistics 2004 ) 18 This means much of the population has a deficiency of diverse civilizations, cultural and spiritual groups. This could ensue in racial favoritism through deficiency of apprehension and instruction. The environment could experience estranging, uninviting, perchance scaring to other cultural or spiritual groups sing. The population of Featherstone harmonizing to ( WMDC, n.d ) 5 is worsening with a autumn in the immature people population whilst a lifting in the figure of pensionaries. This could be down to new households non settling in the country and down to the big population that worked in the mines in the up to the 80s ; this shows an addition in the demand for proviso for seniors.


Featherstone ward is portion of the Hemsworth constituency of which labour military policeman John Trickett is the elective representative. ( Jon Trickett MP 2009 ) 7. The Featherstone ward harmonizing to Guy, P ( personal communicating 30th December 2009 ) suggests has been controlled overall by the independent party for 6 old ages, this was antecedently shared by the labor party to which antecedently had controlled the ward for decennaries. At present the elective members are party council member Roy Bickerton Mayor, Councillor Kay Binnersley and Councillor Pauline Guy. Politicss and community engagement and how it affects them, were discussed with some of the immature people during degage work. ( See brooding entering ) 1


Wakefield gov ( n.d ) 5 provinces Home ownership in Featherstone is lower than the territory and U.K ; In fact ( National statistics 2004 ) 6 reveals 25.44 % ain their place outright, 36.07 % with a loan or mortgage compared to 29.19 % and 38.88 % in England. This is in comparing with 30.44 % that are socially rented compared with 13.21 % in England. Whilst place ownership and mortgages non excessively dissimilar to national figures, when you consider house monetary values in Featherstone are good below national norms. ?72,930 compared with ?141,108 England. ( Neighbourhood Statistics 2003 ) 4. This is a huge difference and means that occupants of Featherstone ain belongings that is of low value, country lived in i.e. revenue enhancement set and type of house. And with a big demand for societal lodging demand could be due to low paid work, unemployment, sick wellness or ageing population. The ( National Statistics 2004 ) 3 suggest Out of lodging stock of 5,913 homes, there are more terraced houses, 37.50 % compared to 24.48 % England, Than any other type of brooding in the country, and in comparing to that of detached lodging which is 17.72 % compared with 22.51 % England. The ( national statistics 2004 ) 1 besides reveal that Out of a entire population of, 14,054, 5,272 live in these 37.50 % terraced houses. In comparing to 2,771 who live in degage houses. This means that the bulk of immature people turning up in Featherstone are more likely to populate in terraced lodging which is smaller than detached places ensuing in life conditions that are less broad. When I walked around the community, in countries of societal lodging it was noticed how rundown the environment they lived in had become, this more so in Verner estate which the positions of occupants can be heard. See brooding entering 2.


Harmonizing to ( Wakefield gov nd ) 10. The 2001 nose count Suggest People in Featherstone have trouble in their Educational attainment of which half of dwellers have no makings. The recent ( Ofsted, 2009 ) 12 inspection study of Featherstone high school showed each degree achieved overall mark of 2, ( good ) . But within these subdivisions it highlighted certain elements merely achieved a mark of 3 ( satisfactory ) these were-

The Standards reached by scholars ; are below the national norm.

Attendance of scholars, A little per centum of pupils, largely boys have hapless attitudes to acquisition and are non accomplishing has good has other pupils.

How good learners develop workplace and other accomplishments that will lend to their future economic wellbeing. The study recognised some personal and societal development within school was good

How good does the school contribute to community coherence?

But “ pupils ‘ consciousness and apprehension of cultural diverseness in Britain are limited ” .

The ( DFES, nd cited in national statistics 2006 ) 13 province that Attainment consequences in Featherstone high school 15 Year Olds Achieving 5+ A* – C GCSE are lower than national degrees in about all topics and there is a large spread in boys 30.8 % compared to girls 41.0 % .

This could impact on the future employment chances of some immature people impacting on the type of work they can make from accomplishments and classs obtained, limit entry into farther instruction ( particularly university ) . Young People may happen it difficult to travel to other countries and compete for work so will be stuck in Featherstone and its low economic environment. With boys achieving less in school, could go forth a gender spread in skilled employment and consequence in low paid work.


Harmonizing to the ( National Statistics 2004 ) 20 there were 10,120 eligible workers in Featherstone of which 6,071 are economically active, 4,049 inactive, of which 10.52 % are for good ill / disabled compared to 5.30 % England. This Numberss twice every bit much as the national norm and could be down to lifestyle, want, industrial excavation related wellness issues. In fact harmonizing to National Statistics ( 2004 ) .11 suggests Out of a population of 14,175 there are 2,062 with non good wellness and “ 22.16 % Peoples of working age with a restricting long-run unwellness. ” 7.05 % of families are non in work with dependent kids compared to 4.83 % uk. All the above figures highlight the demand for societal lodging, want of the country and the impact on some immature people belonging to those households. ( National statistics 2004 ) 15. when looking at the working population 16/ 74 Young Peoples AGED 16 – 24, 28.02 % are unemployed to which is non excessively dissimilar to 25.69 % England compared to over 50s who are 12.36 % Featherstone 18.63 % England. These statistics look as though immature people are on mean twice more likely to be unemployed as an grownup. And how for some immature people, particularly with low educational attainment will happen it difficult to do a passage from place life to independence school to work. In an interview with some immature people they stated Reflective entering 3.

The types of Employment for People aged 16-74 in Featherstone ( National Statistics 2004 ) 14 is highest in: Wholesale & A ; Retail trade ; Repair of motor vehicles 21.16 % and fabrication 19.59, these are higher than in England. But in occupations like finance and concern employment in these subdivisions are lower than in the remainder of England. This could be down to educational attainment of local population, societal and economic clime and demand. When seeking to derive entree to occupations out of the country, or have entree to other communities I looked at timetables of coach and rail services to and from Featherstone and Local Transport was hapless, in footings of direct journeys to finishs out of the country. ( National Statistics 2007 ) 19 suggest 34.06 % of families do n’t have a auto, 26.84 % in England which farther makes it hard and bounds motion, societal contact and occupation chances for occupants.


The Chesney Community Centre Mcloughlin.M ( personal communication,3 December 2009 ) 22 suggested that Chesneys offers big instruction with classs changing from I.T, Maths, and English to photography beauty, leting grownups to derive accomplishments, accreditation and to socialize with others ) . This could assist better the lives of households and opportunities of employment and its societal and economic wagess. When sing that 47.59 % of 16-74 year olds have no makings ( national statistics 2004 ) 21 Mcloughlin.M besides suggests the Centre offers immature people a young person nine on a Monday and Wednesday dark. And his cardinal to a detached young person programme on a Friday dark.

Featherstone Sports Centre at Featherstone Technology College opens to the community at certain times and has a Sports Hall, an Aspire Suite, a floodlighted out-of-door Games Area and a Swimming Pool. ( Wakefield gov 2009 )

OAKHILL CHILDREN ‘S CENTRE beginning Offers assorted parenting classs, wellness and household support and advice. This installation could intend that immature carers ‘ , parents and kids get a good start in life.

I walked around the community with a co-worker and made a recording of its comfortss and environment and a feel for the community lived in. I found that the local population had good comfortss for wellness and day-to-day life but there was a divide in environmental factors, lodging conditions and a societal integrating of some immature people ‘s based on country lived. See brooding entering 3

3. Needs in the Community

Brooding entering 1, When talking with immature people around community issues they said they ‘d “ felt demand ” and wanted to make something about determinations that affect them and their friends in their community. Harmonizing to ( Bradshaw. J 1972 ) taxonomy of demand this is felt demand turned into an “ expressed ” demand, to desire to take part in determination devising and to be listened to about the determinations that affect them and their community.

Brooding entering 2. Exploitation ( Bradshaw. J 1972 ) taxonomy of demand, When walking around Verner I “ felt demand ” to inquire occupants about the environment they lived and to show their positions on their demands. This was so turned into an “ expressed demand ” , occupants demanding better living conditions. This can besides be seen as a “ normative demand ” a opinion based on my values and cognition that immature people and their households should populate in better conditions. Besides “ comparative demand ” in relation to environmental services and community patroling received in comparing to life in other countries.