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The Truth About Introverts

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I have constantly tried to hide my introversion. I would always, and still do, force myself out of my comfort zone to be with friends. Whether it be at large parties or Joining in on various conversations In which I had no Interest. " (Scoffer) Despite the efforts Introverts make to fit In with an extroverted centered world, It frequently does not not work, or may go completely unnoticed. It drains them out of most of their energy and usually leaves them second guessing about who they are and who they wish to be.

Introverted people deal with a variety of difficult situations everyday including stereotypes always being made about them while simultaneously trying to live in a 'noisy' society focused on more outgoing personality types. In a world where talk is cheap and time is money, life of an introvert can be overwhelming and exhausting (The Samba Life). We live in a society that is focused so much on extroversion and who is geared more towards conversation and activity automatically stereotypes Introverts as having a lack of social skills. But In all reality, introverts hardly lack social skills in any way.

They simply get their energy from being alone. It Is simple as that. They fight battles constantly; they fight for the opportunity to express their quiet and thought out words that are always overpowered by extroverts, and they fight for time alone every day to "recharge" and recollect from their day. Everyone needs this. Introverts may just simply need and want it more often than others. There are many assumptions to be made about introverted and shy individuals. If common stereotypes have anything to say about the issue, is that introverted people are socially awkward loners' who avoid large crowds and can't stand other people (Scoffer).

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Introversion might Just be one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated personality traits. The 'silent revolution' of introverted people has recently been thrown Into mainstream society with various authors writing books that shed light on this Important and sensitive topic (Scoffer). We are In a culture that obviously values extroverted qualities such as outgoing personalities, natural public speakers or the ability to confront others in difficult situations with no hesitation. But not all of us are so lucky to have been blessed with such qualities.

Much of the problem that comes along with the misconceptions of introverts originates from the differences between introversion and extroversion. The difference is more complicated than it Just being shy vs... Out going. The introversion and extroversion contrast has its roots in 'Jungian psychology, which looks upon extroverts as more naturally accustomed towards the outside world and introverts as more focused on their own world (Gooier). The portrayal and description that introverts seem to relate to the most is that they are not withdrawn lonely people who dread the Idea of being around others.

Most Introverts are very kind hearted and compassionate Individuals who as a matter of fact really enjoy being surrounded by others. They don't need tons of constant stimulation to feel delight or entertained. Actually, top much stimulation can be very draining. This outlook on the two introvert is not inadequate in any way shape or form, and definitely shouldn't be labeled as, and it is not something that needs to be "adjusted "or "fixed". A change needs to take place in everyone's thoughts on introversion.

An individual who is sitting by themselves, or not voicing their opinion in conversations does not mean they are anti social, stuck up, or angry. They aren't sad, and they aren't scared of acting socially. This individual is probably your average introvert. Like with most things, for one to change in any way takes time. It has to become a habit that takes time to develop. Becoming outgoing, or more comfortable around others are traits that have to be learned over a long period of time. This universal idea in our society hat outgoing and bubbly is good and silence isn't needs to change.

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