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Sop for Mba

Essay Topic:

Biomedical Technology | Born and raised in India but now living in Chicago, I am a young man who is deeply engaged with the crossover between biochemical and biomedical research, on the one hand, and business realities on the other. My long term goal is to become an independent researcher with my own business in the area of biochemistry and biochemical research.

I feel that I have already distinguished myself as a physical scientist, and now I seek the other leg upon which my long term goal is based.

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I especially look forward to studying in the GSB in the areas of marketing and finance as well as social responsibility and progressive political agendas in the business world. I completed my undergraduate and Master’s level studies in my native India. Then I came to XXXX University where I completed my Ph. D. in Chemistry in December of 2005. This, of course, is the single strongest aspect of my application because of the utility of this terminal scientific degree for the business world, staying abreast of the business aspects of scientific developments in chemistry and micro- biology.

I am also very pleased to have received the Doctoral Dissertation Completion Award in March, 2005, based on evaluations by an interdepartmental committee of faculty members. I have authored two research papers coming out of my doctoral dissertation in 2006 that were published in the journal Biochemistry. I am the first author of both articles. Currently, I have the privilege of serving as a post doctoral research associate in the Hematology/Oncology Division of the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago.I am also pursuing research on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and expect to receive funding from a private funding agency by next year. Two manuscripts from my postdoctoral work are in the pipeline. I will be the first author on one of the two papers.

I am industrious and intelligent, with a sound educational background and a GPA of 3. 82. In fact, I am tenacious, and capable of a career that offers great challenges. I feel strongly that Loyola is the best place to prepare myself for making the greatest possible contribution to society through the promotion of biomedical research.With my own company my dream is to develop a specific concentration on only the most clinically relevant research. There are various reasons why XXXX’s GSB is my first choice. Most basically, I live in Chicago and I also like the flexibility of your program, but it goes far beyond that.

I would feel especially privileged to become associated with your programs emphasis on the importance of values-based decision-making since business ethics and social responsibility stand at the center of my research curiosity.Nowhere, of course, is the need for social responsibility any greater than in the area of biochemistry. Your GSB Program will provide me with the solid foundation that I will need to someday manage my own business and to integrate business disciplines in increasingly creative ways that allow me to give full vent to my inspiration. I also identify with XXXX’s GSB in the focus on business issues in a global context. I ask for you help in becoming one of the highly responsible and morally sound business leaders of tomorrow in the field of biochemistry. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.