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The Oregon Coast

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The sunset glistens against the raging ocean water. I could walk for miles on the sand as it is ongoing never ending. While your feet sink in the sand I can ponder the peacefulness around me. The way the two rocks were hit by the glowing sunrise set a reflection of crystals in the clear water. There was a slight misty breeze, as I walked along the water. The Oregon coast is my sanctuary with the two most beautiful rocks that stood on the edge of the unknown below them.

Waves would rush up to my feet carrying the sand in between my toes. As I lifted my feet while walking I could hear a grinding sound like paper rubbing on the bottom of my feet. The sand started feeling softer and smoother against my feet. With every step, I watched how my footprints became embedded into the sand. Suddenly, seeing how slowly they would disappear with every inch the water covered. The water sent a chill throughout my body. It shocked me every time the bitter cold would crash into my feet.

To see the sunset as the blue cloudless sky turns shades of black around me. It would take my breath away at every glance I would take. I backed away from the water for a moment, as my eyes marveled at the bright colors from above. It lit the water up reds, blues, yellows and orange reflections sparkled off the translucent water. Little speckles came out in the skies around you feeling like glitter dropping on your face. When looking down you could see black shaped and jagged edges on the sea floor.

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Specks of white shells had little shine to them, but would show a slight sparkle from above. The waves were slowly crashing against my feet. I glanced back at the two rocks they stood side by side. The rocks have a reflection of crystal rays surrounding them. Looking from a distance, they looked smaller than they really are. They have a sense of wonder, mystery to them. I could sit for hours and ponder them. How big are they? How long have they stood in the ocean with the crashing of the waves all around them?

They reflected every color off of the sun and the moon. It would shoot rays of colors all through the frozen clear water around them and light up the crashing waves. Some are white and rolling, others loud and angry as the press against the rocks over and over. The simplicity of the Oregon Coast it can take my breath away. It is truly one of the world’s modern marvels with its natural beauty, glistening sunsets, and the sand between your toes. It is my sanctuary.

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