The Major Reasons for My Desire to Attend College

Last Updated: 14 Nov 2022
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My parents have been a big reason for me to attend college; especially my dad. When I was in ninth and tenth grade I didn't think of going to college, it never crossed my mind. As soon as I became a junior, I started to worry. My grades weren't great and I was scared I wouldn't be able to go to college. My dad was a big help during this time. He would help me out as much as he could with my assignments. Although he didn't understand much since he couldn't speak English, he tried his best to help me. I'm a senior now and I'm prepared to graduate high school and go on to college. I'm hoping to attend the University of Omaha next year.

Both of my parents migrated from Honduras to the United States at a young age. Like most immigrants here in the U.S, they came here for a better life and work. My mom graduated high school and was a teacher back in Honduras but my dad didn't even make it passed the 6th grade. He has told me how tough it is, coming to a new country not knowing anything. Whenever I start to slack in school he gives me a speech, which I now understand. He doesn't want me to have the same life he's had. He doesn't want me to end up working in a factory and throw my life away. He urges me to complete high school, college, and get a good job.

Another major reason I want to attend college is because I am the eldest. I have three younger brothers who all look up to me. I don't want to have them thinking, "If Carlos didn't go to college why should I?" I want to set an example for them. My younger brother Kenneth is a freshman, I'm hoping he follows my path and moves onto college as well. One big obstacle for me and my parents will be paying for college. My dad is the only one who works. My mom stays at home with my youngest brother, who is ten months old. My dad has been working at Farmland since we moved to Crete in 2001. Although he has been working there for a while I don't know if he will have the money to pay for college.

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Every time I bring it up he says, "It's going to be fine, you just worry about your grades." I hope he is right but I know it will be tough for him. To do my part I have been applying for scholarships. I'm trying to take some weight off his shoulders by finding a way to help him pay have tried to get a job but he insists on me waiting until college to work. for my education. I In college I hope to be a Computer Animation Major. I enjoy working with different types computer animation programs. I became extremely interested in the mechanics of how characters interact with one another in video games. I also enjoy the designs and intricate details in video games. I hope to graduate college and make my dad proud. Not only making my dad proud but giving a great example for my siblings.

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