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The employees of Google

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The lecture by Jim Kouzes to the employees of Google provides a clear insight into the effort required to be a better leader by discussing some key ideas from his book ‘The Leadership Challenge’. Jim with his friendly and interactive style in addition to his expressive form of elocution gets his point across with great ease. In the lecture, he uses real life and basic scenarios that help one identify with the key concepts of becoming a good leader. Jim’s statement “Leadership is every ones business” raps the notion of leadership being a fad hard on the knuckles.

The lecture helps us think out of the box and realize that leadership is ‘not the personal reserve of a certain few charismatic individuals”. It is difficult not to be impressed by the ideas that flow during the lecture.

Ideas like- ‘the best leaders are the best learners’ makes on stop and evaluate their present standing as learners and what efforts they are making to become the leaders of the future. There is never a dull moment in the entire lecture because Jim makes s a sincere effort to keep the audience involved by means a regular flow of questions thrown at the audience.

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The employees of Google

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The lecture helps the listeners identify the challenges one faces on the path of becoming a good leader. It helps the listener believe that the have the power and the acumen to make others around them look up to them as leaders. The lecture succeeds in making the audience understand the basic idea that the content of leadership has endured the test of time, albeit there have been changes in context over the centauries. The lecture was definitely a ‘Great Experience’!

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