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The Effects of Gmo

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Daniel Ramirez Lagunas English 12 CP 18 May 2012 FDA Labeling In our society today, there is a small percent of our food that has been genetically engineered. Genetically modified food can affect people that ingest the substances by causing health issues. With these possible long-term effects of GM foods, the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, should require labels for consumers to see. These labels would help inform the public of the possible dangers of the GM food. Without these labels people can suffer serious medical conditions that can destroy their lifestyles.

The FDA should require warning labels on all GM foods. GM foods come with many different health risks. One health risk is severe allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can even be life-threatening. An article from the San Francisco Chronicle states that GM fish can possibly cause severe allergic reactions that could be life threatening. “Genetically engineered fish pose an increased risk of severe, even life-threatening, allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. ” (SF Chronicle).

Because of this possible outcome, the FDA should require all GM food to have proper labeling warning consumers of the possible dangers. Some may argue that this fish will still provide the nutrients that a normal fish provide. Even so, with many potential health hazards, GM food should be labeled so people know what they are getting. A survey from the SF Chronicle states “95% of the public wants labeling. ” (SF Chronicle) If people want a label saying if their food has been genetically modified, then it should be.

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Even if the same nutrient content is the same, a warning label should be visible before a buyer buys the food so the person has a choice. GM Foods not only can cause severe allergic reactions, but also can contribute the lifelong diseases. An article from The Atlantic states that researchers in China have found new information that shows that we're consuming more than just vitamins and protein, we are also absorbing information, or microRNA. MicroRNA has been connected to help cause “cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. ”(Atlantic) This study shows how GM food could influence human health in unanticipated ways.

If GM foods do contain microRNA that can severely affect people’s health, then the FDA should warn people of the risk of eating GM food. People who support GM food argue that if we preform test on GM food to look for microRNA, then we must perform the test on normal food. If the FDA decides to test it or not, they still should provide labels stating the risk of microRNA in food. The FDA should require labels on all genetically modified foods so people know what they are eating. By doing so, people will be warned It will warn of the possible risks to their health and have the chance to make better food choices.

Health risks that may occur by eating genetically modified foods include severe allergic reactions, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and diabetes. If the FDA does not label these foods, and people don’t know what can happen to them if they consume these foods you can expect to see a rise in lifelong diseases. If people are warned of the potential effects of eating GM foods, they will hopefully make smart decisions regarding their health and the foods they eat. It would be in the best interests of all people to label genetically modified food.

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