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Not long after the newspaper had come out, we got wonderful news from Looney Moon: „Today the Ozorian Prophet has given us back the sculpture, ‘cause the guy that bought it from the one who stole it already got in contact with Luke and he’s gonna give back the sculpture in the next few days. Guys did a good job with the article:-) Thanx a lot really” You are very welcome, guys! We share your happiness! FRESH RELEASES CREATING MAGIC The movie ‘Magic Garden 2012 @ O. Z. O. R. A. ’ is out Psytrance above all Psychedelic Musical Superiority By Chemical

Over the past few years a seemingly never-ending debate about music has been present among the members of our community. The dispute usually derives from a disagreement concerning our treatment of musical styles outside of our own personal taste, and more importantly, our attitude towards the opinion and taste of others that deviates from our own. First of all, what do we consider psychedelic? Do we make distinctions between musical genres according to their „psychedelicness? ” How do we treat different subgenres? How do we approach electronic musical styles other than trance that have ome psychedelic quality? Are they – in a way – subordinate to trance? Does some kind of hierarchy exist according to the assumed „psychedelicness” of genres? Continues on page 2 ASTROLOGY DISCUSSION PHOTOS: KRISZTIAN PAMUKI The more than a half of an hour long film about the Ozorian Magic Garden consists of four chapters. The first is a mood-journey through the Magic Garden, from the gates to the big stage. The second and third shortly show the months of Art Camp, followed by the months of building and creating. The last chapter is about a Magic Garden day during the festival.

All this in a music video style, spiced with short interview inserts in which we can hear the garden builders, designers, the program organizers, as well as Andras Feldmar, Viktor Kubiszyn, and others… Enjoy the magic moments!!! By sue It’s all about music Music continues on page 2 GOA – 20 YEARS OF PSYCHEDELIC CULTURE Magic Garden 2012 @ O. Z. O. R. A. Festival Filmed and edited by: Krisztian Pamuki, Labormedia Workshop Additional footage: Peter Busak, Levente Kolcsey-Gyurko, Daniel Szandtner, Csaba Antal Interviews: Peter Muller, Csaba Mata, Peter Busak, Marton Szuhay, Levente Kolcsey-Gyurko

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Until we can gather in front of the huge speakers of our majestic Ozorian dancefloor again lift your spirits with the best Psytrance in winter time and check out what our artists have been up to! November 13: Total Solar Eclipse By Peter Antal Forecast October November The roots of psychedelic trance The psychedelic revolution never stopped. It just had to travel halfway around the world to a deserted beach at the end of a dirt road where it was allowed to mutate and evolve without government or media pressures until a new paradigm was achieved: the Goa state of mind.

By Goa Gil Edited by Michael McAteer The 1960s in San Francisco, where I grew up, was a unique space and time. All of us there were experiencing something indescribably new. Most of all, psychedelic music had exploded into our consciousness and had changed us forever. It seemed as though a new dawn had broken all over the world… and if San Francisco was any indication, the dawn was Cosmic. But by the end of the summer of 1969, while the Woodstock nation was on suburban TV sets, the bubble had burst, the magic had faded, and something special had been lost.

It was during this time that many of us decided to take our trip on the road. We wanted to test our “headspace” in the lands which had influenced our thought so deeply. It was the East - and most of all India - where our tribe collectively headed. Continues on page 3 In the coming month, Saturn continues its recently commenced passage through Scorpio, which will last approximately 3 years. The topics uncovered will include money, sharing resources, letting go, self-discovery and intimacy. Motives, ethics and values are and should be questioned to readjust our directions, beliefs and purposes.

Life requires us to make choices and decisions. We need to progress and pursue our spiritual journey… Continues on page 3 2 FASHION NEWS FRESH RELEASES Total Eclipse inspired beauty It’s all about music Continued from 1 E-CLIP’s newest single Troublemaker just came out 1st October on Iono. Once a drummer in hardcore bands the serbian producer formerly known as Beyondecliptica definitely brought his Full-on vibes along when starting the new Progressive project. You can expect strict tempo, tight rythms and of course those classic Goa melodies to magically power up any daytime dancefloors.

To up the tempo a bit we must not forget about SOUTHWILD who has got his debut album released also this summer on the UK label Wildthings. The former member of legendary Rastaliens project is into twisted Night Full-on vibes with the new solo venture. Bubbling synths, ever rolling basslines and mysterious atmospheres enchant on Synthology album, which also includes a versus track with Ajja. Listen to it loud! PHOTO: BALINT TRUNKO By novishari One of the world’s most prestigious hairdressing events and competitions, the 30th Alternative Hair Show was held last week in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

This year one of our sisters, the two time Hungarian hairdressing champion, Koczka also took part in the event. She was an International Visionary Award finalist of the ‘Main Event’ in London. Koczka has commented the following about her work: „My inspiration comes from the first Ozora Festival where thousands of people gathered to witness the total eclipse of the sun together. I envisaged a beautiful, freckled redhead as a symbol of the world’s beauty that we can thank to the vividness of humanity. ” Congratulations Koczka, lots of love! DISCUSSION Deeply Activating Groove” as the Australian calls his own music is an apt phrase indeed. Having appeared several times on Sensient’s Zenon Records as well MERKABA is now running his own label where his latest full-length album was also released this summer. Language of Light is a real trippy dialogue of sounds where each shred of melody feels like being in its exact right place surrounded by hypnotic effects and atmospheres. If you are a Dark Progressive lover and haven’t checked this out yet, it’s about time. Just the way you should listen to the new Nano Records monster: an AVALON remix album.

The Remixes Volume One came out end of September with reworks of Avalon’s top originals made by Tristan, Dickster, Loud and a lot of others including Lucas from T. I. P. World or Mindfold, the joint venture of Materia and Brainiac. sue Psytrance Above All Musical Superiority Within The Psychedelic Cultural Frame What is real psychedelic? Full-On, Darkpsy, Progressive, Downtempo, Goa, Twilight, Morning, Psycore, Techno, Techtrance, Forest, Zenonesque, Experimental, Deep Trance, Psy Dub, Minimal, Suomi, Classic, Glitch, Ambient – discuss in the social media –

Let an example stand here of the continuously resurfacing, sometimes accepting, sometimes downright harsh, but definitely thought-provoking discussions. A: minimal is not psy! B: Sometimes it is… and what is psy is a very personal perception… AND this is not minimal… C: Silly A. Psychedelic can be anything really. Perfect Stranger is anything but minimal. He is a true psychedelic artist. 145bpm with lazer noises is definitely not „psy” either. One of the most psychedelic artists at Ozora was actually Deadbeat at the chill stage.

His stuff is so deep and psychedelic, but definitely not psytrance. More like minimal psydub/techno, but way more „psy” than most of the trance artists on the main stage. But it’s all good music and music is always subjective. If you don’t like the sound of someone, then go for a walk, go take a nap, go get arrested for holding up a sign Whatever. But don’t expect that all the music should sound the same all the time, especially when 20,000 other people are having a blast on the dancefloor! Source: PHOTO: BOBBY C. ALKABES

Continued from 1 It seems to be a very tricky question, especially if we keep in mind that we are talking about music within the frame of psychedelic subculture, which more or less involves progression, openness, and liberalism. Is it possible that a paradoxical situation, a kind of musical superiority has evolved despite these basic concepts that permeates the ideological back ground of the psychedelic community? What aspect of music throws you into a trance-like state of mind is up to you and your own personal taste.

It can be the fast, repetitive drums of darkpsy, the frisky, vivid sound effects of full on, the deep, perpetual soundscapes of psybient or even the slow, deep pulsation of progressive psy. You are even likely to attach a psychedelic quality to any other kind of musical genre – even to some that are not included in a line up like that of O. Z. O. R. A. We could even consider the possibility that the listener has an active role in the process, that the „psychedelicness” of music (at least partly) depends on him/her, and it is not necessarily involved or defined by the sounds music is built up of.

This seems to be the reason why it is such a subjective observation, and that is why the notion of psychedelic electronic music varies so significantly from person to person. It is up to us how we treat these differences. Chemical Ozora Festival Official 3 ASTROLOGY Forecast October November Continued from 1 Our personal relationships will be the main area of focus and deep-rooted problems may come to the surface, which might require attention. This can be anything from power-fights, imbalances (emotional-financial) and the lack of intimacy.

This will be especially true between 29 Oct and 7 Nov when Venus will join the Uranus-Pluto square, bringing issues to a very personal level. Mercury turning retrograde may further intensify this effect – Mercury will be seemingly moving backwards - from 7-27 Nov and will be squaring Neptune for most of this time. Things to watch for include misunderstandings, self-delusions, lying to oneself and others, deceptions, convincing oneself that everything is fine when in fact that might not be thie case. The other side to this is the spiritualizing effect, however mixing various practices and

As we wrote last month we know for sure that you like surprises - but we’re also certain that you like teasers too! So, here are some of the names that will definitely be present sometime between August 6 and 13 at the O. Z. O. R. A. Festival in 2013. Growin’ LINE UP NEWS PHOTO: PETER NEMESHAZI the lack of clear boundaries and the over-abundance of unclear teachings may confuse us at this time. The keyword of the month is: DISCRIMINATION. As Rudolf Steiner (founder of Spiritual Science) said: “Don’t accept anything you haven’t understood and don’t reject anything you haven’t understood. Mercury retrogrades happen three times a year and have a definite cycle. Here comes the interesting part. The exact Mercury retrogrades we experience this month will be in the exact same signs and same degrees and the same calendar days of 1933. The question is, what took place at that time which has some similarity to our inner lives today? Helpful aspects (from Chiron and Neptune) are also present to guide and heal wounds of the past, and help may come from places least expected and change can be brought forward by opening up and embracing our fears honestly even if this seems frightening.

A total Solar Eclipse will take place on 13 November, 2012 at 21 degrees and 57 minutes of Scorpio, which will most significantly affect people who are born with personal planets and points at about 17 to 27 degrees of Scorpio or the other Fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. At such times changes take place in our lives depending on the house position of the eclipse in our own natal chart and on the planet it hits. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of the Zodiac is: OBEYING Hux Flux Braincell Hypogeo Mirror System Giuseppe Stay tuned for more info!

VISUAL NEWS HIS CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS… – We should listen to the ever growing call of our CONSCIENCE because it is the sound of our spirit guiding us towards the right path. Paint It Up! Videomapping: Anonim Flow http://astrology. hu By Peter Antal GOA – 20 YEARS OF PSYCHEDELIC CULTURE The roots of psychedelic trance playing and singing my songs wherever I went… songs which seemed to come to me from deep in the universe, channeled through the Kundalini that I was awakening with my Yoga Sadhana. PHOTO: VISUAL POWER It was paradise

In this way, many of us had begun to create a special mix of East and West, absorbing the spiritual traditions of India into our music, art and ideas. In my case, I was fusing my music with yogic energy. This combination, which in the beginning came from an acoustic guitar and an electrified Kundalini, helped to spark the first full moon parties. Soon, our passion led us to form bands, get electric sound equipment, and set up a stage on the beach. We also began to DJ. We would DJ the music of our times… it would be a mix of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, and fusion: everything and anything from our hippie musical history.

It wasn’t until the 1980s with the introduction of “wave music,” “body music,” etc. that these earliest forms of techno began to fill the DJ sets, eventually becoming full nights of electronic dance music. The Visual Power’s international virtual buildingpainting competition PAINT UP! ® was organized in Budapest this month. The videomapping competition and the finals of the happening took place at one of Budapest’s most beautiful landmarks, the Heroes’ Square where the participants painted up the building of the Museum of Fine Arts before more than ten thousand people.

To our great happiness and pride, one of the finalists was Pumpui’s audio-visual live resident, Tamas Kantor aka Pentatone aka Anonim Flow with his project called History. Nice job Tamas, respect! PHOTO: GOA GIL The bubble had burst, the magic had faded Continued from 1 Like so many others, I got a one way ticket to Europe and headed overland to find my destiny. Soon, I was on the beaches of Goa. At that time, there were no bikes, no rickshaws, and no restaurants. There was nothing except the beach, some locals, and a small tribe of hippies. It was paradise.

But Goa wasn’t all that we discovered in India. Most of us also travelled all over, becoming deeply influenced by the culture we found. In my own case, I began to meet Sadhus, to smoke and talk and travel with them, and before long I had met my Guruji in Kashmir, embraced the practice of Yoga, and had become a Sadhu myself. But even as a Sadhu, my love of music never left me. I began traveling with a guitar, returning every winter to Goa, To be continued Goa Gil / Michael McAteer Get GOA: 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance via www. goabook. net 4 Press Review

There's a whole page O. Z. O. R. A. 2012 review in the new mushroom magazine by the magazine's editor and author Tom Rom. He’s also known as the author and editor of psychedelic publications such as Psy Traveller, the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy, the Goa – 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance book, and he is the co-founder of the Austrian Sonnenklag Festival. He spent the whole week at the Valley during the Festival, so he has a clear and extensive picture of the 2012 happenings. In his objective report, very wisely and objectively, he talks about the 'loss of O.

Z. O. R. A. 's virginity'. He starts his article saying: „The name Ozora stood for a living anarchy in terms of psychedelic substances and a police-free zone since 1999. This is over now as the Hungarian police conducted a massive disproportioned raid against some international big drug dealers involving several hundreds of policemen. (…T)he action was adressed to the big dealers as they showed up at most of the other big music festivals as well. ” u And he concludes the topic: „As the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior recently announced,

Ozora will come alive again in 2013 if the Hungarian laws will be respected next year. Anarchy is over but freedom remains. ” In his article he also points out the great progress the Magic Garden has made with a more colorful and varied choice of cultural programs than ever before. You can read the whole article in the mushroom magazine. Respect to Tom Rom and mushroom magazine – We couldn’t have expressed it in a better or more correct way. – olrajt – Ozorian Prophet Facebook Page is up and running! rom now you can also find the articles here, after each issue comes out.

We really wanted to have a platform where you can share your ideas on the various news, articles, thoughts – and because more than 57,000 people liked the O. Z. O. R. A. Festival Official Facebook Page, this seemed to be the best decision. Let’s make Ozorian Prophet interactive – we hope many of you you will comment on the articles and contribute your thoughts so that the Ozorian Prophet and naturally, the O. Z. O. R. A. Festival can serve our brother and sisterhood society better and better as we strengthen together. Subscribe and stay tuned!

Publisher: Daniel & Arpad Zimanyi Editor-in-chief: – olrajt – Managing Editor: novishari Supervisor: Wegha Andere Authors: Tom Rom Reka Sas aka Chemical mtrixism Sue Layout: Henzi VidekiBela Logo: Seboe F-K Design: torojo Photographers: Ildiko Repaczky Peter Nemeshazi gotticon. freeweb. hu bobbyalkabes. com Gabor Gottwald nemeshazi. com Bobby C. Alkabes Ivan Herczeg Co-work: Tamas Berces Astrology: Peter Antal PHOTO: PETER NEMESHAZI Comics: novishari torojo – olrajt – Special thanks to: dr. Sally M. Torkos prof. Bela Torkos http://astrology. hu

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