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The customers and the employees

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In this aspect, the environmental factors effected mostly. The sympathetic policy from Thatcher government and the American citizenship provide a free political macro environment. Then it embraces the superior circumstances and has more opportunities to develop, even dominates in some special area. By carefully cultivating relationships with national governments, he has bought ever more influence throughout the English-speaking world and beyond. Since the 1980s, all the activities are nearly acquiring and establishing new business in different places around the world.

During this period, Murdoch transformed the News Corporation into a vertically integrated global media group. The expansion to USA added the profits and assets of the firm. As a whole unit, through the efforts of different media in different continents, it has a special capability to obtain its uniqueness. It acts and exists in a global market and seizes the advantage in the world scope, therefore, the material, the opportunities and the information are all preserved so as to achieve even exceed the expectations to keep the enduring relationship between the customers and the employees.

In other aspects, the varieties identify the feature of the firm, it is not easy to imitate. The thoughts, actions and results are made by the whole team and the culture from different areas as a socio-cooperation keep and enhance the uniqueness. It has the ability to response to the events around the world and share expertise, resources and the personnel across the globe. The entry into satellite broadcasting represents a new distribution of the program material. It provides the opportunity for the broadcasters to increase the distribution of any channel.

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New technology applied provides a broader space to obtain more benefits and strengthens the business. By this, News Corporation takes a controlling interest. New technology brings more competitive advantage and increase the market power to meet the higher demands of the customers. Whether a strategy is properly made is worth checking. However, there are some evaluation criteria to test the value of a strategy, which are Consistency, Suitability, Validity, Feasibility, and Acceptability.

Consistency is to check whether a strategy is in accordance with the objective. If not consistent, the mission or objective has to be changed, or the strategy has to be rejected. When such situations occur, they may probably be an indication of the inconsistence: If the success of one department means the failure of another, the organisational structure should be inconsistent or duplicative; Conflicts within the organisation that are not people-related; Operating problems are brought to the top for resolution of policy issues.

However, Strategies can become internally inconsistent over time, as they develop incrementally. Suitability checks whether an option is suitable or not. However, there is not absolute suitability, but the relative suitability: there may be other options more suitable. The suitability should be examined in SWOT analysis or TOWS, PESTEL, Scenarios, 5-forces. When checking the suitability, we should avoid bias and address all three factors of environment, capability and expectations. Validity is the assumption or calculation on which the strategy is based is well grounded. Also you may be interested in HealthSouth Corporation Scandal essay

These are key functions for the survival of the business; therefore, a strategy that fails one of these criteria is suspect Feasibility is about the Capability of being carried out, which is composed of these aspects: Financial, Resource deployment, Environmental factors, Commitment of managers and employees. Financial is to assess financial feasibility. A funds flow forecasting should be conducted so to identify the funds required for any strategy and the likely sources of those funds, and to assess feasibility of meeting targets of return (e.

g. , profits). Resources assess resources and competences needed for carrying out the strategy, which is mainly about the threshold and core competences. They determine the possibility to gain competitive advantage. External factors include customer acceptance, competitive reaction, supplier acceptance, approval from government or other regulatory body, etc. Commitment indicates that managers and employees, who are important factors in a successful implementation.

Acceptability assesses the expected performance outcomes of a strategy, which can be of three broad types: return, risk, stakeholder reactions. Actually, it is difficult to prove a strategy is optimal or not, like any scientific theory cannot be proven to be true. Here the News Corporation's global expansion strategy will be discussed. At the beginning of the 1980s, with the early expansion continued focusing on traditional product areas, the company expand its business into UK, by purchasing The Times and The Sunday Times from the Thomson Group.

Moreover, the political friendship with the Thatcher government helped him to exploit a monopolies law loophole to buy the papers. This strategy is a success. As to the consistency, it is consistent with the company's expansion goal. In addition, Australia is one of the Commonwealth members, which made the two countries have more similarities in both economy and politics. Therefore, it is suitable for the News Corp to make its first step towards the world.

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