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The Components of an Information System

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The Components of an Information System A system is a group of components that work together to achieve a purpose. There are five components that make up an information system. The five components are Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, and People. These five components make up every information system from the smallest system to the most complex system. The first component is the hardware, which are electronic components and related gadgetry that input, process, output, store, and communicate data according to the instructions encoded in computer programs or software.

The second component is the software, which are the instructions for computers. The third component is Data, which are recorded facts or figures. The fourth components are procedures, which are instructions for humans to follow when working within an information system. The last components are the people that are involved. This includes those who operate and service the computers, those who maintain the data, those who support the networks, and those who use the system.

All of these components make up an Information System. These five components together make up the Five Component framework, which are the five fundamental components of an information system. First you will need the hardware in order to start off your system. Then you must use the software in order to run you hardware. After you have set up your hardware and loaded up the software to run it, you will need data to input into your hardware.

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Once you have your data ready you will need procedures set in play to properly store your data within the system, and last you will need people in order to put in the data and keep the system up and running properly at all times. As you can see, you will need every component in order to ensure that you have a functional running information system


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