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The Comparison Between a Soliders Sweetheart

Maria Gonzalez 8/22/12 Period: 8 Career Goal and Research Well I have always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, Homicide Detective, or a Forensic Pathologist it is simply because I love science it simply makes me wonder about so many things.My top choice right now would be a Homicide Detective and then later on in the years ill make sure I accomplish all my goals.This is what I want to do simply because I love science.

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I also think learning more about the body is amazing, and how accidents happen always leave you wondering.

The degree I’ll need to become a Homicide Detective is high school for police officers, college associates of bachelor’s degree for higher ranks. Law enforcement agencies may require additional training. There isn’t really anything they ask for to work in this kind of field, if you want is optional you can attend college and then go to college for two years receive your bachelor’s degree it only gives you a higher rank.

You also have the option to start as a police three years as a police patrol then you get promotion. Normally you first take a competitive promotional exam. If you pass, then you can choose to become either a sergeant and manage other patrol officers, or to become a detective and do investigate work. Well I really don’t need anything to be done in High school but only graduate, but indeed I’m also taking all the science class possible in high school, so far I have taken six science classes.

My actual job title will be a Homicide detective after I go through the whole process and the median salary range is about 68,820. The top paying statements is the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Delaware, California, and Alaska. Where I see myself in ten years is already working as a Homicide Detective and working on getting my other goal completed which is becoming a Forensic Pathologist and doing a total of eight years of school including college and university.

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