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The Aventure of the Red Tape Gang

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Adventures of the Red Tape Gang are a mystery book. It was write in the United States of America in 1974 by Joan Lowery Nixon, she was born in February 3 of 1927 in Los Angeles, California, United States she was an American journalist and author, specializing in historical fiction and mysteries for children and young adults. Then Joan Lowery Nixon is the only four-time winner of the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award and a two-time winner of the California Young Reader Medal. She died in June 23, 2003.

The story start in a place in Los Angeles in the middle of 1974, all the history will be narrated for Michael that is the main character in that book. One day Michael was talking with his family when he said them one morning the crime rate in Los Angeles because in those moments the city was suffering many problems with the delinquency. Michael desired to build one clubhouse with Tommy and Jimmy, Leroy, Dorothy and Linda Jean that was a person that always liked to take the big risks in adventures of gang.

Michael's fathers everyday liked to read the newspapers; he was very informed about the acts that were passing in the city. Especially in those day arisen some problems near from the Michael's house and his red gang like they called their group decided to investigate the origin of problems, they were very informed with the news of newspaper that Michael's father had. Problems had been in a house that was near from the clubhouse and they wanted to solve problems. They one night went to check what was happening over there because in the newspaper was announcement many bad acts.

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They arrived to the house that was alone, nobody lived in that house, they saw by the window what had inside, but they just saw that inside just had one little light, they decided to return to their clubhouse and to make a schedule to be checking in different days what was happening there. Days later they saw a person outside the house but he looked strange person, then one black truck arrived there and they were talking and then they leaved from there, but it was not normal.

The group wanted that anything else was their identification in the name of the gang and they decided to choose the name or Red Tape Gang because many groups have a specific name. They one day went to the house again and in that time they had many problems, in this time the turn was to Linda Jean, because she went in to the house but never saw that bad people was inside the house and she could not to come back with their friend because she stayed there and people when they leaved to there close the door, but they never saw that she was there.

In his moment Michaels and his friends went to their houses to find tools and keys to open the door but everything was useless. Then bad people came back to the house, but Linda Jean was still inside the house and they saw her. In this moment start the climax because she took a gum that strange people had inside of house, so in this moment her friends got to open the door and they saw the problems that Linda Jean was living. In this moment they run away . to a police that was in the corner of a street and he arrived to the house to see what was going on. There the police took care of that problem and solve the mysterious.

Story end in the moment that the policeman solved difficulties. End. The book is especially for young man because the idea and setting is very interesting. It is easy to catch what the author wants to transmit to people that reads that book. The main point that the author wants is that when the people is reading this book the readers can imagine the situation and they can live the emotion of the characters are living in each situation that they have. Is very important to know the kind of literature we are reading in that book, in this case we are reading fiction, and the book is designate for everybody like mysterious stories.

I recommend that book because in the moment that you are reading you feel that you are one more character in the story, because is not easy that many book to get involve the reader in the story. For example in the fiction the author just write the things trying to give it’s a logic, but the main purpose that author wants is that the reader can image the lecture and then the reader try to be involve in that to forget the difficulties or problems that you are living. The most important thing is to think like a child and to have much imagination.

Other thing is that book has an easy vocabulary, because it permits that almost everybody that knows or can understand English can read. Reading book permit us to put in practice our skills in foreign language. In that book is very important the use of some techniques that helps the understanding of the lecture for example to compare two or three ideas in the paragraph tat we can denominate Analogy. In that’s kind books is very common to live an emotional sense when the author just with words is involving you in the story (Connotation).

Lectures permit to do personifications in the moment that you are reading the text, because you are going to imagining the things that are missing. The most important key in one book is to catch all the interest of the audience and it is the job to the author to get all the interest of people. The Mood in this book is very important in that book because the atmosphere is very interesting and you don’t want to stop to read the book, because you are implicit in that. The key in any book is the Plot, to know the progress of story and in that book is very used for the author to give the suspense necessary to develop the story.

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