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Teenagers Frustrations

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Teenager's Frustrations -Stress From studying -Peer Pressure -Cyber Bullying As competition in the career world increases, the pressure to do well in studies and be a straight-A student also increases. As such, nowadays many students who actually want to be a step higher than the rest are putting too much pressure on themselves as to Juggle with many extra curricular activities and extra subjects on top of the usual 9 that students take.

With the burden of doing well in all these objects, students get overworked and a few cases like these actually end up in suicide. Such stress from studying are one of the frustrations teenagers face. Peer pressure might be a common term to many of us but this is a huge problem amongst students in school. Peer pressure can be either good or bad in many ways. One benefit of peer pressure would be when a student is motivated through peer pressure to do as well as his friends are doing thus being helpful to his/her academics.

Another would be when a student mingles with the wrong company such as smokers and thus peer pressure without mind control would actually motivate him to smoke which is absolutely not beneficial to him in anyway. Thus, peer pressure is a big challenge teenagers around the world face. In the 21 -SST century where technology makes the world go round, lies technology negative points. One of such negative points would be cyber bullying which is commonly seen in social networking sites such as Backbone, Twitter and

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Namespace. These cases of cyber bullying usually come in forms of threats to the person which might embarrass or depress the victim by any sort. Thus, not being able to take the embarrassment, many have died. One of such cases would be the cyber bullying of Megan Meier which resulted in her hanging herself 3 weeks before her 14th birthday. Some teenagers are faced with such challenges on a daily basis and must seek help before anything gets out of hand. Red-topic sentence blue-concluding sentence

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