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Teenage Smoking

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There are many teenage smokers in the Philippines and there are several causes and effects to this issue. Introduction I. Peer Pressure, Curiosity, Habit and Depression are the causes of teenagers that has been smoking cigarette. Based on my experience, Peer Pressure is one of the influential factors to teenage smokers. It occurs when a non-smoker joins a group of teenage smokers. When teenagers have been influenced most likely he or she will start smoking. The behavior and choices in their peer group that can influence others may have a negative impact.

And for some reasons, teenage smokes in order not to be bullied and just to fit in with their peer group. According to Better Health Channel ( Feb.. 14, 2013), nowadays, teenagers smoke because Of curiosity. Examples Of their curiosity are media appearances to imitate the actors or models of their behavior or looks, cigarette advertisements and also on what they seen on adults or group of people who smokes cigarette that they become curious of what cigarettes taste and feels like and why some people are addictive to it.

So, curiosity as their question will be answered by trying or experiencing smoking. In this ease, parents lack to teach discipline and to warn their children of the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. So, teenagers are the one who seeks answer for their curiosity. Based on what I've seen to my brother, habit IS also a cause of smoking on teenagers because smoking everyday has already become part of their daily routine, they don't want cigarette but sometimes they need it. As a matter of fact, he smoke every after meal because he say that smoking helps him digest his food.

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Additionally, many of the teenagers or even adults who smoke minute by minute and they can consume or finish up to two or more cigarette sacks a day. They are already detached to it as their smoking habit that cannot be stop or quit. According to J. Cowlings (2011 Teenage smokes when they are depress due to some problems that they encounter. They smoke cigarettes as their pastime, such as making a round circle in the air and do crazy tricks that makes them relax, calm and relief stress while working.

Also, it can help them think clearly when doing a decision making to their own problems. But as a result, in the article of J. Cowlings (2011), researchers said, "this evidence is consistent with the conclusion that there is a cause and effect relationship teen smoking and depression in which cigarette smoking increases the risk of symptoms of depression. " Therefore, teenage smokers don't know the real effect that it can still cause much more depression to them penthouse they said that it is an antidepressant. II. Effects of Smoking Colonization is one Of the effects Of smoking.

Because, this is one Of their way to socialite to the other people. Some smokers usually gathered in one place there called it "Tambala" in this place there smoke cigarettes together while talking and after they eat. If they smoke cigarette expect the most of heir friend is smokers because, one does not simply smoke cigarette alone. It's very boring when they smoke alone so to avoid these they find their friends via going to a "Tambala" to introduce themselves. Cigarette smokers became addicted because of the nicotine that cigarettes contain.

According to news at Salaams Doc, one of the ABS-CB shows, that nicotine is the worst compared to marijuana and other drugs because of the long lasting effect. When they inhale the smoke of cigarette one of the chemicals passes thru their body is nicotine, after it spread to the body it attacks the brain and the user feel relaxation and increase of alertness. The worst of this chemical it is hard to remove to the body because of the brain is addicted to nicotine so if the body did not intake a nicotine the brain is craving. That's why they feel like uncomfortable if they don't smoke cigarettes.

According to the book Biology concepts and application, smoking cigarettes has harmful effects to teenage smokers that can lead to bad health. Because, if they Start to smoke cigarette at early age they are prone to disease and easy to get sick because of their weak immunity due to smoking habit. According to the research teenage smokers are weak when it comes to sports because the lungs cannot function properly. Teenage smokers that start at early years are short people because the development of the body is stop and destroy of this cigarettes.

They can die 10-20 years earlier than the non- smokers. Smoking a cigarettes is a very expensive habit. Addicted smokers can't stop a day without cigarette because they said that it is the thing that makes them happy. It's okay for them that they will not eat food just to smoke cigarette because they said that if you are hungry and you smoke you will feel full. According to research if they compute all expenses in buying cigarette over a year, they can buy a new motorcycle or to down payment a brand new car.

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