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Technology Plays Important Role Our Life

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Technology plays an important role human’s life and also has developed day by day. Nowadays, the new advanced technology has brought innovations today’s workplaces that has changed working habits and business. However, before most tasks were done by manual labour but now even difficult tasks can be done by modern technology. This essay will explain possible negative and positive effects of technology on the workplace, focusing on de-skilling and requirements of high skills. The new technology which has replaced employees, has increased de-skilling.

This means to reduce the need for skill in a job by changing to technology. Robert (2004) points out that employees do not need many experience or ability to work most jobs. Because the new technology could do most tasks instead of them. This may lead to negatively affect employees’ working life. Robert (2004) states that for example, new electronic cash registers which can do nearly everything for customers and clerks such as calculating the cost, reading laser codes so clerks do not need high mathematical skills or experience.

He further adds that they just need to know how to swap an item over a red light and put in a shopping bag. Consequently, Robert (2004) asserts that employers might save money by investment in technology as they may reduce employees’ salaries to use new advantages of technology rather than people’s skills. This fact may positive impact on employers. A requirement of high skills has become more important today’s business.

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The reason of this ever-changing technology, spread of globalization and also the extensive information technology which have provided by internet. This may increase positively the need higher-skilled employees (Herman, 2004). He also points out that in the past, workers did not need high skills. Because typing, manual dexterity, physical strength were enough for the standing of living. However, these days, high skill has required by employers such as advanced written, spoken and mathematical skills as well managing and supervising skills (Herman, 2004).

This requirement might result in employees positive or negative. Because it depends on whether they improve their skills. In conclusion, technology continues to develop day by day, In addition to this, working habits and requirements have changed today’s workplace with technology. On the other hand, developing technology has encouraged employees to update their skills. Consequently, employers and employees should follow the technology to improve skills and business.

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