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SWOT for Samsung Camera

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This model's one of point of difference is multi-window. Users can goggle seamlessly between applications without closing the window, allowing for enhanced productivity and collaboration across programs. Another unique function among smartened from the table above is enhanced S pen function, the most officer friendly function already. S pen function consists of five things: Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window.

Action Memo can convert handwritten notes into contacts information, words on browser and tasks in a to-do list.

Scrapbook enables users to track down and save content on screen after circling the content.

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Moreover, Pen Window enables users to open small application windows or a true multitasking experience without pausing current activity on the screen. S Finder expansively searches for content on their device regardless of the type, as well as symbols and formulas. The Screen Write feature captures the full screen image of the current page on the device and allows users to write comments or additional information onto the captured image. This model price is lower than its biggest competitor I phone in the same capacity BIBB.

According to figure below, Samsung is smartened market leader.

It has Weaknesses: However, there are some weaknesses. Samsung camera is not as well as I phone as.

Firstly, from two models' sample photo, AY chip in I phone as with f/2. 2 aperture and true tone flash reflects much higher light sensitivity and photo details handling ability.

Secondly, Because of technological problems, operation speed is little bit lower than other competitors although Note Ill can run multi-APS together fluently. For instance, customers need to wait gallery opening for five seconds.

Thirdly, same as most smart phones in the present market, Samsung note Ill is not waterproof. Customers would feel inconvenient in humid heathers.


From the forecasting below, mobile commerce in China will rocket in times. China will also overtake the U. S as the largest smartened market in the globe.


Rise in feature phone market poses threats on smartened market. In the largest phone market, feature phone market, more than one fourth feature phone users are active online users and dominant feature phone seller Monika maintains second mobile seller in the world.

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