SWOT analysis on the Anytime Fitness and the Jetts

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Company overview

According to the Anytime Fitness

Fitness is a fitness club which darted in Minneapolis,USA in 2000. The 2115 clubs around the world make it the biggest fitness chain in the world. Len year Justinian McDonnell and Jamaican McDonnell- Jimenez open the first Anytime Fitness club in Australia. The next 6 years witnesses the rapid expansion of the Anytime Fitness with 344 clubs. On the contrary,as can be seen from the website Jests Fitness Australia(bethel Jests is a local fitness company which started in 2007 in the Gold Coast by the couple Brandon and Crispy Eleven's.

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Soon,the expansion to the whole country and the New Zealand makes the Jests a fitness company with over 200 clubs. SOOT analysts Anytime Fitness Strengths


  1. Leadership in the global market gives the company the advantage of its brand name and supply chain(Anytime Fitness AU 2014) .
  2. Having the most clubs in Australia allows most Australians to come to the club within 10 minutes(Anytime Fitness AU 2014) .
  3. Investment from the US capital market is available. For example,the capital injection from the Roars Capital Group would help expediting the growth(Roars Capital Group 2014).Also, the company had partnerships with TTL Credit Opportunities,L. P. And the Partnership Capital Growth so as to achieve a rationalization in 2010 . An online medical center called Anytime Health is offered ,which can bring health information to the customers.
  4. The business model which is convenient for franchiser as flexibility and profit can be got at the same time helps the rapid expansion of the company (Anytime Fitness AU 2014) . The 2014 Top Franchise from Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 List(2014) claims that the company gets NO.I in this list.
  5. The company has comparatively low price with acceptable environment and 2417 access .
  6. Private restroom and bath room can give people more privacy.
  7. Low culture insistence do the clubs have, due to the distance from the US. For example,the price of each club in Australia is different(Anytime Fitness AU 2014) .
  8. .Lock-in contract makes customs uncomfortable.
  9. Bad fame of one club such as low quality of customer service and cleanliness may influence other clubs although the franchisers are different.
  10. No staff during nights may cause security concern (Anytime Fitness AU 2014) .
  11. Facilities are lacked during peak times.

Opportunities Threats

  1.  The 12 million overweight people in Australia according to the Overweight and Obesity(Allah)(2013)are the potential customs.
  2. More sessions and classes can be offered.
  3. Introduce new facilities to the clubs may provide differentiation from the Jests.
  4. The company should promote more about the facilities and services. 1 . Competitions from Jests and other fitness clubs are growing.


  1. The Jests has enough clubs to serve most Australians. Meanwhile, with the projected 250 clubs,80% of Australian can go to Jests within 8 minutes(Sunshine Coast Daily 2010).
  2. It's a domestic fitness company,which means that it can provide a suitable environment for local people. Also,the staff can get more education and feedbacks from the headquarter so the company culture will be consistent.
  3. No contract rule which gives the customers freedom of choice makes them comfortable(Sunshine Coast Daily 2010). The price is quite low as people only need to pay $1 1. 95 per week and are free to stop at any stage. But people can still get 2417 access and 'clean, convenient workout facilities providing the equipment that members use on a regular basis'(Utility, Alex 2011).
  4. The Jests has an experienced team to help new clubs get started (Davies Adam 2012). T helps the growing of the Jests together with the efficient franchiser system. 6. The Jests has a good fame of high customer satisfactory. Let got No.

In the Canasta Blue Most Satisfied Customer Award in Australia in 2012 and 2013 Tests Fitness Australia 2014).

  1. The clubs lack advanced equipments due to the low price strategy.
  2. No staff during nights may cause security concretes Fitness Australia 2014).
  3. Facilities are lacked during peak times.
  4. The percentage of overweight people in Australia is high.
  5. The oversea market is still waiting to be exploited.
  6. The Jests should promote more about its low price and simplicity.

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