Swot Analysis/ Foreign Market Entry: Ikea Invades America

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Abstract: College students nowadays become a special group which is affected by the environment. Studying their consumption psychology is conducive to study consumer trends in the future. In order to have better understanding of consumer psychology and problems of students at Beijing University of Technology, the study collected the data of students and consumer psychology consumption through questionnaires. We analyze the data by gender, family income and so on. Data show that consumer psychology is influenced by gender,household income,major and grade.

Most dents at Beijing University of Technology have reasonable consumer psychology and consumer behavior. Key words:college student,consumer psychology Introduction With the development of the market economy, people's consumption psychology is changing all the time. College students serve as an important social group. Their consumer psychology will have more and more important influence on the social consumption psychology. So, the study need to study college students' consumption Soot Analysis/ Foreign Market Entry: Kea Invades America By yearling consumers in the whole process of purchasing behavior.

It is the Comprehensive reflection of consumers to objective consumption object and own subjective demand. There have been many surveys about college students' consumption psychology. Some think the college students' consumption psychology is reasonable, and the other part of people think that college students' consumption psychology is unhealthy. Handing Fang(2006) showed college students kept a traditional concept of saving, while the consumption idea often reveal its avian-grade. He thought College students' consumption idea and consumption patterns were more representative, he represented a trend.

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J Gao(2008)considered"College students' consumption have a strong practical color. On the premise of reasonable consumption, they will choose fashion and avian-grade consumption. Moreover, they may choose personalized consumption and respecters of brand. " However, according to Juan Huh(2003),the current college students' consumption structure is unreasonable, high cost and waste is serious. She claimed that college students exist high consumption, heavy enjoyment; the pursuit of fashion, the blind competition; emotional investment, large overhead and consumer spending freely, liabilities consuming.

The knowledge bevel and ideological level of college students are both high. Studying their consumption psychology is conducive to study consumer trends in the future. The study also find their problems through research and find a solution to regulate their consumption behavior. According to the above situation, we propose the following research questions. What kinds of Consumer psychology do students at Beijing University of Technology have? How does gender have influence on Consumer psychology ?

How does household income have influence on Consumer psychology? How does major have influence on Consumer psychology? How does grade have influence on Consumer psychology? The project uses questionnaire survey to get the reality of Beijing industrial university students' consumption psychology. Through the analysis of the data can get the corresponding conclusions about college students' consumption psychology. Method Along with the development of Electronic Commerce, many students would like to shop online.

They don't need to go out to shopping, they could Just stay at home and surfing the Internet to make a deal with seller. They often buy something because it is very cheap rather than they really need it. Due to this advantages of online shopping, many people may shopping unreasonably. So the method is to make a questionnaire to investigate consumer psychology of Beijing University of Technology. We choose this subject because we are interested in it and it has connection with our major”advertisement. And 302 women and 198 men filled out 500 questionnaire.

Resources have been researched to look up how other people design a questionnaire to investigate students' consumption concept. After retrieving questionnaires, we first count the choices and classify it into different category. And then we analyze people's nonuser consumption through their answers. Finally we look up the problem of consumer psychology in Beijing University of Technology. 4 contingency tables of of the household income can make a significant impact for students on consumer attitudes, consumption patterns, consumer psychology.

The results are shown in Tables 1 to 4. Results Tablet : Gender and consumption concept Gender consumption concept Total Prefer high cost performance Choose low price as far as possible Just attention the high-quality for something important Always pursuit of high-quality Boy 302 Girl 198 Total 500 From tablet is summarized that both boys and girls are prefer to choose a high- effective consumption concept. This table shows that practical consumption holds dominant position in students' Consumption.

However, this table also shows that girls pay more attention to the quality of the goods while they are compared with boys. It is concluded that gender is one of the important factors which can have significant impact on consumer psychology. Tablet: Household income and consumption concept Household income consumption concept the high-quality for something important Always pursuit of high-quality High- income 114 Middle-income 318 Low-income 68 From tablet, students from high-income family are more likely to pay attention to high-quality products.

Compared with students from low-income family it is found that the percentage of high family income students who think highly of product quality is 4 times as much as low family income students' which shows that family income has a great influence on students' consumption psychology. Tablet: Major and consumption concept Microinstructions concept Total the high-quality for something important Always pursuit of high-quality Arts 200 science students 300 Tablet shows obviously that 41% of science students think highly of high-cost performance while there are only 25% of arts students consider that.

Obviously, science students prefer to buy low-price goods while arts students prefer high- quality goods. This indicates that arts students will cost more on daily cost than science students. Tablet: Grades and consumer impulse Grades The quantity of commodity that never been used Total Little Many Some Freshman 73 second grade of college 194 Third grade of college 156 Fourth grade of university 77 Tablet shows that 64% of college students has commodities which are never been seed. It also shows that students in grade one are more likely consume irrationally.

However, when they adapt to university life gradually, they began to reduce the purchase of useless goods. In other words, consumer psychology of college students will change while their age and experience have changed. Findings Among the data what can be got is that gender does significant impact on consumption psychology. Boys and girls are bound to have different consumer psychology and even have a big gap. These students which come from high-income family pay more attention to the quality of product while the low household income dents think cost-effective is important.

We all know that income determines consumption. Therefore, students come from high-income family will spend more than the low household income students every month. They are also more prone to develop unhealthy consumer psychology. What's more, compared with science students, arts students are more likely to shopping impulsively. Faced with commodity, science students will become more rational while arts students are emotional. The higher grades students stay in, the more mature consumption psychology they have. Conclusions Overall, the consumption concept of students in Beijing University of

Technology is reasonable for they have a reasonable consumer psychology based on different household income. It is not a mainstream to excessive pursuit of fashion and brand, comparisons of psychological or has poor awareness of savings. The students who majored in Arts should pay attention to develop their own rational consumption psychology. High-income families should note that cultivate children's opportunities for college students to enhance their social experience. Schools are advised to set up a reasonable Consumption and Financial Planning courses to meet the requirements of college students.

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