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Survey Report

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The aim of this report is to present the findings of a survey carried out in order to determine the public opinion and performance of Lambshorne Town Council. The data included in this report was obtained from a random sample of 1,000 people.


On the whole, the ratepayers of Lambshorne expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Council. A significant percentage felt that neither refuse collection nor recycling facilities are adequate, as illustrated by the fact that over half of those questioned felt that these are poor. On the other hand, a large proportion of the public was of the opinion that maintenance of public buildings is satisfactory, which is shown by the fact that forty-nine per cent of those questioned expressed their approval. This is further emphasized by the fact that fifty-one per cent of those surveyed commented favorably on the restoration of the Corn Exchange building.

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It is generally felt that public facilities are of high standard, as shown by a large proportion of those surveyed expressed satisfaction with amenities. Furthermore, sixty-eight per cent of those questioned indicated the excellent condition of the new sport center. The fact that only eleven per cent of respondents gave a negative response concerning public parks indicates that ratepayers are mainly satisfied with its conditions. Opinion was mixed regarding other amenities, with an almost equal number of “Good” and “Poor” assessments. In particular, thirty two per cent of those surveyed mentioned that Maplegrove Housing Estate needs more street lights.

Council Efficiency

On the one hand, it is generally felt that staff efficiency is not adequate which is shown by the fact that majority of people expressed dissatisfaction with staff efficiency. On the other hand, the significant percentage of those who responded expressed satisfaction with cost efficiency of services. Opinion was mixed regarding the helpfulness of staff, with an almost equal distribution of “Good” and “Poor” assessments. The sixty-four per cent of people were of the opinion that Council has too many employees for work done.


On the bases of the findings on services, it would seem that services provided by the Council need to be improved. The main weaknesses of services are the lack of refuse collection and recycling facilities. As the assessments of amenities indicate, public parks and recreation facilities are satisfactory. My recommendation is, therefore, that more street lights should be set up. Based on the opinion regarding the efficiency, I would recommend that staff efficiency should be revised.

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A survey report should include an introduction that outlines the purpose of the survey, a description of the methodology used to collect the data, an analysis of the results, and a conclusion that summarizes the findings. It should also include any recommendations or suggestions for further action.
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The purpose of a survey report is to provide an analysis of the data collected from a survey. It is used to summarize the results of the survey and present them in an organized and meaningful way, so that the data can be used to inform decisions and strategies.
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A survey report is a document that summarizes the results of a survey. It typically includes a summary of the survey results, as well as any relevant charts or graphs. Examples of survey reports include customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, and market research surveys.
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A survey report typically contains the results of a survey, including the data collected, the analysis of the data, and any conclusions or recommendations based on the survey results. It may also include a summary of the survey objectives, methodology, and key findings.

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