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Survey: Question and Respondents

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I decided to do my survey on Pizza and people’s views about the food. I asked my respondents 3 fairly simple questions about how they viewed Pizza. The first question I asked was a simple Yes/No question asking them whether like they like Pizza or not. Secondly, I asked them what they favorite kind of pizza was (i. e. Pepperoni, Hawaiian, etc. ). Lastly, I asked my respondents to rate Pizza on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being least favorite food, 10 being their favorite food). The results I found were quite interesting. I published my survey on Fluidsurveys. com and you can see it here if you’d like http://fluidsurveys. om/surveys/gary-8S/pizza/. I selected my respondents through my Twitter account, in which I tweeted asking my followers to take my survey, as well as direct messaging them with the link to my survey. With that being said, my survey would be random if everyone living in the US was following me on twitter, instead I got 28 responses from my 270 followers. So I wouldn't say my survey was random unless the population was strictly the people who follow me on Twitter, and even then they choose to take it so it must have interested them just like the internet polls.

As we begin to look at the results this survey has produced we see that of the respondents, 17 of them said that Pizza was a 6 or higher on their respective rating scale. The survey produced an average of about 5. 74, meaning Pizza is slightly above an average food as there isn't any significant data suggesting that it's really good or really bad according to the survey. Since a 5 on any scale from 1-10 would be an "average" food as it's in the middle and not extremely good or bad.

They were a few outliars as a few people put that it was a 2-3, and a few others put that it was a 9 even had one person put a 10. Now my comment/essay answers were far from essays as no answer I received was more than 5 words long. With that being said my results could easily be broken down into 3 separate categories of people. One of which is the people who are the "meat lovers", these people said that their favorite kind of pizza was one that had (at least) one of the following meats on it: Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, or Bacon.

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These people tended to rate pizza higher on the scale as there wasn't a rating below 6 from this Sub-sample. Next we had the group of the original Cheese pizza people, these respondents weren't so friendly in their ratings as to the ratings went as low as a 2 and up to a 7. This group had the most variety of the 3, and the biggest range going from 2 to 7. Lastly we have the exotic group, which has the least number of respondents of the three. This group includes anyone who chose a pizza that wasn't one included in the meat lovers, or cheese group.

Pizzas in this group consisted of: Hawaiian, Buffalo Chicken, Barbeque Chicken, Veggie Lover, etc. Although this sub sample size was smaller than the other two it brought the average of the whole sample up significantly with its average being a 7. 38. Population- Everyone in the USA

  1. Sample- 28 of my twitter followers
  2. Statistic- 23/28 (82. 143%) people said yes, they do like pizza.
  3. MOE= +/- 12% * Parameter- Actual % or # of people who like pizza. So upon further sampling we expect approximately 80% of our intervals to contain the true parameter.

I'm not saying that I'm 80% sure that the parameter lies within 70-94% in any way, instead I'm saying if we continued sampling long enough that eventually 80% of our intervals would in fact contain the true parameter. Now if I were to increase the confidence level up to 95% my MOE would increase up to 19% making my new interval 63-100% so there's more room for error and we can be more confident that if we continued sampling, the parameter is far more likely to lie within our intervals.

Survey: Question and Respondents essay

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