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Skeletal Survey

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Skeletal survey is a consistently apply series of radiographic images that include the entire skeleton or those anatomical areas suitable for clinical indicators (The Americana College of radiography, 2014). Moreover, it using x-ray beam that pass through the patient electromagnetically to capture and take many x-ray images of body from the skull to feet (Adam ,2017).

In addition, radiography skeletal survey are necessary in many clinical conditions such as , Skeletal dysplasia's, disseminated infections, metastatic bone disease, multiple myeloma, suspected child abuse and many other pathologies in pediatric. The most common indication of it is child abuse. According to centers for disease control and prevention (2009), child abuse is any act or series of act or neglect from the parent or other care provider that harm the child.

Child abuse is one of the common problem which can find in the social and ethnic borders. For instant, in 1993, US the third National Incidence Study of Child Abused shown that approximately 1,553,800 children in United States were abused. Therefore skeletal surveys are applied to determine the physical injuries in children according to specific guidelines.

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Skeletal Survey

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Furthermore, the skeletal survey performed on suspected abuse to provide enough anatomic detailed to image the skeleton of them or any young patients. However, there are special stander that published by American college of radiology that mention there were special film cassettes and intensifying screens to reduce the radiation exposure and they mention that low dose enough for chest and abdomen however its insufficient in some part like rib, metaphysical and other high specific injuries.

Also it should provide without an anti scatter grid and faster general for especially thicker part. Nowadays, digital or computed radiography are used in most hospitals for pediatric imaging. DR and CR produce high quality image as it replace the traditional film/screen imaging. DR produce high quality image because it is lower in spatial resolution tan traditional film/screen imaging.

Also the ability of doing post processing provide the ability to modify the image to avoid repeating the examinations and provide the ability to compare in diagnostic performance for skeletal imaging. Moreover, it provides the ability to select low exposure value to reduce dosage with producing high quality diagnostic image.

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