A Summary of Past, Present, and Future Tense by Gregor Muir

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A Summary of Past, Present, and Future Tense by Gregory Mir This article is a look at technology effect upon artist and the style or medium of art that can be developed and produced. Author Gregory Mir working with others hoped to create and exhibition that showcased the work of those artists who contributed to the advancement of "digital practice", along with their attempts to identify the intricacies of the digital spectrum.

I think this article for the most part explains how his selections of artist and their work, was mindful of establishing a past, present, and future artistic media theme collection. The author starts with a 1965 piece from artist Name June Pack a composer, who is credited with introducing others to the idea of using video as a way of expressing art. It should also be noted that the article made a case that the art of tomorrow is the art of the media, past and present. This particular art form is Just as much about visual image as much as music and performance.

It also incorporates the manipulation of hardware and includes software-concepts in equal measure. The article points out that what once could have been included under the heading of media art, has since moved into a variety of ewe artistic genres, or dissimilar forms whose definitions are instead more oriented on disciplines such as science and technology. The article also shows this development is being carried forward by individuals whose identity are often tied together by certain parameters such as artist, social worker, experienced designer and engineer.

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And whose actions come out of a clear understanding of technology as well as the associated social and cultural aspects, like those individuals that work in the open source medium, and who are masters of technological components. Those individuals who by their very nature ignore rules found in user manuals, and use technological devices and systems in ways that I am sure were unintended by those who created or marketed them to consumers the world over.

I would point to the use of a magnet sitting on top of a TV as a way of creating abstract patterns of light. While simple in its design, the very idea of Magnet TV or the Web Stalker who strips away code to reveal the skeletal structure of a particular website is a tribute to the creative mind of the artist, and the use of available technology. I would say that in the world of media arts and animation, if you can imagine it you can create it as each of these selections shows.

Overall, the author thought of combining elements from business, entertainment, communications, as well as artists and other professionals who may operate in a different space. The article concludes with a look at the history of digital art, as Mr.. Mir raises comparisons and dilemmas that allow those of us readers to question, reflect upon, and decide on the status of new media art. A Summary of Past, Present, and Future Tense by Gregory

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