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Summary of Globalization

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* Review Gail Wyatt's research on heterosexual's Black women's sexual experience (notes from slides). * According to the article "Married to the Holy Spirit" and class notes what are some potential consequences for attempting to maintain a faith-based abstinence life style? * What are some of the characteristics of different gender presentations of Black lesbians (e. g. , "femmes", "studs"). * Identify the ways that Black lesbians deal with sexual prejudice in their lives (article: "It ain't all as bad as it may seem"). * Define "sexual concurrency. How does it influence male-female relationships and rates of HIV. Black motherhood * According to Chaney, how do Black women define "womanhood? "

* How do parents, peers, healthcare workers, and the media influence Black women's sexual practices and attitudes toward delaying early pregnancy as they pursue their education (Dilworth article). * How has Black women's reproduction been controlled throughout history (Flavin article and notes). * Identify some specific socialization messages that Black women give to their daughters (Thomas article). Community Violence/Homicide Review the statists on community violence and homicide. What are some specific types of homicide? * What community characteristics increase the probability of community violence? * Discuss at least 3 different factors (they could be historical, social, or economic) that make Black women more vulnerable to violence or make it more difficult for them to recover. * Explain Black mothers' cognitive process and ways of finding meaning after the loss of a child to homicide. * What are some ways that Black women coping with community violence in housing projects.

Sexual Assault/Intimate Partner Violence * According to a Black feminist perspective, what factors do researchers consider when explaining intimate partner violence (Potter article). * What are some factors that make the recovery process more challenging for Black victims of sexual harassment? * Regarding sexual assault, identify the characteristics of survivors and their assault, risk factors, and physical and mental health consequences. What are some culturally sensitive responses to treating Black survivors?

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Summary of Globalization

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