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Structural Adjustment Programme and the Nigerian Economy

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HIS predecessor and father James had already ran the country monetary assets down. Charles got into power with no money and a high taste for lavish things. In 1640 Charles wanted to go to war and he demanded that parliament should give him the money, when they refused he became furious and wanted to dissolve them. The issues kept piling up and tension grew between Charles and the parliament. It eventually got to the point where Charles dissolved the parliament because of their refusal to release money to him, and he ruled without them for 1 1 years.

After those years a Scottish group called The Covenanter tried to obtrude England, as a result Charles put the parliament together again, with the sole alma of raising funds to stop the group. To his disappointment the parliament refused to help him and he dissolved them yet again. He finally had to pay the Scottish people 850 Euros everyday to prevent them from moving forward, he eventually ran out of money in 1641 and was forced to call back parliament. Charles lack of money and his peoples revolution against him. Another factor to consider is that of religion.

The English people did not like or want to be ruled by Catholics. Charles went ahead to marry a French Catholic lady, this caused a lot of anger and unrest amongst the people; not only that but it gave the people yet another reason to despise Charles. After dissolving parliament he made Laud the Archbishop, Laud went ahead to make a lot of changes in the church like making the priests wear robes, putting up stained-glass windows and building statues within and outside the church; this changes made the English people remember Catholicism whish they despised so dearly.

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Structural Adjustment Programme and the Nigerian Economy essay

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