Strategic Management and Business Analysis

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Allround is the most marketed product of Allstar and hence, Allstar has the potential to gain the most out of the promotions of this product. Allstar has a great hardworking dedicated employee base and they try their level best to meet the demands of the clientele. Allstar’s data warehousing shows that the cough syrups are the most wanted products and hence this is a great opportunity for Allstar to invest the most in this area and increase market share. The branding team and the management of Allstar have been meeting the demands of the customers in the targeted and segmented markets very well.

This is highly appreciated by the consultants. The other most important opportunity that Allstar had in hand was providing people with the cough syrups that leave a pleasant taste – although this was not considered to be an important point earlier onwards, Allstar made it a point to offer pleasant-tasting syrups after researchers have showed the dramatic difference in the level of acceptability between a non-sugary cough syrup and a sweetened cough syrup. Due to the scientific advancements, customers’ needs and wants increased with time and Allstar has been doing its best to adjust to them.

(Williamson et al. 10-15). Advancements in technology have made consumers’ expectations rising always. Technology of today is at least a hundred times better than technology a decade ago; this has raised consumers’ anticipations from Allstar, which are being catered to as completely as possible. Threats: Allstar has not always had a stable past. There have been ups and downs during the life time of this company. At one point in time, the company’s profits were being threatened.

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Although the branding team and the management did its best to fight head on with the threats it was facing with the strengths that Allstar had. One of the greatest threats that the company faced was that of dissatisfaction of the customers of the targeted markets. The other was that Allstar’s competitors were taking over the market that Allstar had owned once upon a time. This was due to the multiple incomes that they were generating from various products launched in the markets. References: Williamson, David, Peter Cooke, Wyn Jenkins, and Keith Michael Moreton. Strategic Management and Business Analysis. 2003.

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