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Why is it that we spend our time on the most useless things?

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Why is it that we spend our time on the most useless things? We keep on hoping that somehow, our efforts are all going to be worth it. We keep on surviving knowing that in the end we die.

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Why is it that we spend our time on the most useless things?

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. What matters is that you know how you feel and that you'd stand proudly for your principles. And the most important thing is that you learn to accept the ideas of others no matter how much they might contradict yours. Keeping that in mind, I'd like to share an idea I have regarding these supernatural beings. Although I know it might be a total contradiction to a whole lot of standards set by the world, I still am hoping that you might find it worth your fancy.

Life? What is it? You can't see it neither can you grasp it. You can't even control it. So why is it that we spend so much time trying to achieve longevity knowing that the future is uncertain? But is it really how long we live or how we live? To make the best out of every moment is the best way of taking advantage of such a situation.

When would you most probably have your first experience of true love? It might sound corny but it's true that all of us would definitely come to that point. Why is it so difficult to expound on something that you would understand subconsciously, but can't find the right words to explain it?

High school was rough. It might sound unbelievable but it's true. I couldn't hardly breath the first time I got in through the iron gates. I felt the weight of every eye scrutinizing my form. I guess it would appear to be nothing more than an example of a hyperbole. But the thought of all the prejudices being made about you is enough to make you feel uneasy.

My freshman year isn't worth the time recounting. However, during my second year in school, whose name I care not mention, things took a different turn. Although it might sound like a total clich� but my experience with this girl changed my life forever. How? I'll tell you in the simplest way I can.

At first I thought she would just be another passing face. I did see her once during my first year. It was during a program where she received an award as the captain of her volleyball team after winning in the inter high school competition. I didn't even notice her. So, by now I guess you have an idea of how awkward it was for me to admit I liked her. To admit something that would mean weakness is definitely not my line.

We became classmates as sophomores and that was the time I really gave her the attention she deserved. I mean she's smart, beautiful, talented and rich. It's her right to demand respect. Her genius truly gained my admiration. It was kind of funny how something so innocent as admiration could turn into something as cruel and evil as lust. Although lust was not the first feeling I felt. She intrigued me entirely. Her ways caused such curiosity within me that I took time to study her. I wanted to know her. I wanted to understand the way her mind works.

However, she definitely did not feel the same about me at first. Actually, she could care less if I felt anything towards her. She never gave me the slightest bit of attention she could spare. In fact, she didn't spare any at all. I could never really ask for any considering the fact that the law banned my deep admiration for her. Unfortunately, I have to leave this portion up for you to find out just how much trouble I was in.

Another aspect of my humanity was about to be revealed. My body began to change rapidly as though I were taking some sort of drug. However, I did not let this get in the way of achieving my goal. I wanted supremacy, power and most of all, her. These changes never did cause that much trouble until my unfortunate demise came to pass.

I wanted her so much that I broke all the rules and told her of how I felt. At first, I thought she felt at least a tiny bit of love for me. But my suspicions were proven wrong. She hated me for it. She even thought it was a joke. She made my disclosure nothing more than a laughing matter. And for this, I hated her. She tore my soul apart. She stepped on my ego like it was nothing more than a rag. I felt the rage burning up inside me. I wanted revenge.

The night after the incident, I felt something inside me begin to swell. I felt a burning sensation in my back that seemed to consume my entire being. The combination of my broken heart and the excruciating pain made me want to die on the spot. I had nothing to live for anyway

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