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Social Identity While Living Between Two Cultures

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Cultural mashups occur when individuals experience two or more different cultures at the same time. For instance, when someone from another country moves to the Unites States they will experience cultural mashup. There ae numerous types of people who experience these cases, such as refugees, immigrants, or even international students. Living in the middle of two unique cultures actually alters their identity as they try to balance both cultures at the same time. In some cases, this ultimately leads to one of the cultures being entirely disposed.

Thus, not preserving that specific culture. Cultural mashups make it increasingly difficult for the individual to know exactly who they are. Acculturation is when both of these cultures become mixed. In my opinion Acculturation would be a proper solution to these issues because it allocates blending of cultures, which ultimately benefits both the minor and major culture of the location at hand.

For this paper I will rely on sources within the textbook for information as well as other scholarly sources found via the internet. Utilization of an array of sources will help me gain a more holistic view of the topic at hand. I will aim to provide a worldly account of these topics because such instances are not only found in the United States. Within the textbook, numerous accounts of personal stories of cultural mashup and identity are explained. I will use this information to pain an image of the numerous issues involved. I will also draw on personal information since I am directly affected by these issues at hand. There are certainly some who will oppose my position. There are many people who do not like the blending of culture. Some people expect their countries to only focus on their own personal cultures and neglect the cultures of others.

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I plan to refute the opinions of these in opposition by proving information on the benefits of acculturation. While also explaining how countries like the United States are mixing pots that already promote the cultures of many other individuals. Although this is true, I feel there are ways to be even more acculturated. By doing so, many people will reap the benefits. I play to achieve an overall better understanding of these topics. Being that I am directly impacted by the mashup of cultures and issues of identity, I feel that learning more would certainly help. I also aim to show why acculturation would help fix many of these issues of identity in individuals who are experiencing culture mash-ups.

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