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So what exactly is sexism

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Sexism is the belief that rights and roles in ones society should be governed by ones sex. Historically, sexism has been male-driven and accompanied by a belief in the inferiority of women.

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So what exactly is sexism

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. Men can become happier and more fulfilled human beings by challenging the old-fashioned rules of masculinity that embody the assumption of male superiority. Traditional masculinity includes many positive characteristics in which men take pride and find strength, but it also contains qualities that have limited and harmed hem.

I strongly support the continuing struggle of women for full equality. I oppose such injustices to women as economic and legal discrimination, rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and many others. Women and men can and do work together as allies to change the injustices that have so often made them see one another as enemies. One of the strongest and deepest anxieties of many American men is their fear of homosexuality. This homophobia contributes directly to the many injustices experienced by gay, lesbian and bisexual persons, and is a debilitating restriction for many heterosexual men.

We should call for an nd to all forms of discrimination based on sexual-affectional orientation, and for the creation of a gay affirmative society. The enduring injustice of racism, which like sexism has long divided humankind into unequal and isolated groups, is of particular concern to me. Racism touches all of us and remains a primary source of inequality and oppression in our society. I also acknowledge that many people are oppressed today because of their class, age, religion, and physical condition

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